Pest control services call for organization and complete control over processes as many jobs require repeated applications after a set period of time. Pest control services require proper scheduling and recording of all business activities and the software that fully accommodates these requirements is the pest control software.
Making work and transactions more efficient and controllable, pest control software offers the provision of easily recording and viewing of all business transactions and appointments. The different pest control services that can be recorded separately include roach and termite control, wood bee or carpenter bee control, mice and rats control, pest control, bird and rodent control, flea control and all other general pest control jobs. Other jobs include recording of jobs relating to spiders, ants, crickets, silverfish, ladybugs, water bugs, millipedes, clover mites, moths, weevils, beetles and all other such insect riddance jobs.
Since pest control jobs involve repeated applications at times, using the scheduler of the pest control software new and old jobs can be appointed through viewing dates which are available and accommodate jobs likewise.
The pest control software is an easy to use, simple program that offers four distinct functions including the scheduler, reports, clients and workers.
The scheduler section allows storing of all job appointments and timings which can be used to refer to current and upcoming appointments as well as appointing time for new jobs according to availability. The reports section allows the earnings per day, per worker and total earned amounts to be viewed and calculated almost instantly. A calendar appears on the screen that lists the earned amount per day under each date which allows the user to check appointments on a date and earnings of the job along with the job details.
The clients section stores all information about a client for who a job has been performed including all details of the job and all contact details and address of the client. This makes viewing previous job history for a client easy along with viewing any future appointments you may have with the respective client. The program also allows the user to engage in a direct phone call to the client from the program.
Not only can you save in the email, mobile, home and work phone numbers along with the address, but you can also capture photos of the clients if you want and save it with their profile.
Lastly the workers section provides all information about all workers involved in the pest control job including all jobs performed, earnings per job and total earnings and all future and past appointments of the worker. Also a complete profile of every worker is available on the program from which you can choose a suitable candidate for any specific pest control job.


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