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Pikka - Color Picker is a easy to use color picker for Cocoa professional developers and designers, that works well with multiple screens.

With Color Picker you can pick the exact color from everywhere on your screen using the magnifier and it will be copied to clipboard in preferred format immediately. You can copy the code with a single click from menubar or using color library.

Pikka has now become even better:

- With the new Menubar option, you can quickly access your recently copied color.
- The magnifier tool is instantly displaying a preview of the color (RGB).

Key Features:

- Library - Color Folders
Pikka - Color Picker gives you an opportunity to share colors between different folders and organize color palettes. Drag & Drop colors between folders. Copy color from library with double click. Create your profile and keep all your color schemes well organized with name and tags.

- iCloud Sync

Pikka is integrated with iCloud, so your colors are kept in sync across each of your Macs. Add a color on one and within seconds it will appear on the others. Wherever you go, you always have your colors.

- Color Picker And Palette generator
The super fast color schemes generator! Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds! Create Mono, Analogous, Complementary and Triad Palette Schemes.

- Color Shades
Generate color shades for picked color with one click.

- Adjust and refine

Powerful color editor makes all the editing a pleasant experience. Use RGB, HSB or HSL mode.
Name your Palettes names and Colors as you like.
Beautiful interface to a better editing experience.
Customize your colors precisely by adjusting temperature, hue, saturation, brightness and more...

- Export

Export palette's to Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) or Apple Color List (.clr) file.
Export palette's to HTML, UIColor/NSColor Swift Extension, UIColor/NSColor Objective-C Category
- Rearrange colors

Drag & drop to rearrange picked colors in library.

- Multiple colors

Picking multiple colors is as easy as it should be. Just hold SHIFT and click in the sequence of colors you need.

- Formats

More than 15 color formats are provided. Pick color and paste picked color directly into environment you use. Choose from: HEX, RGB, Swift UIColor, Swift NSColor, Objective-C UIColor, Obecjtive-C NSColor, Android XML, Android (A)RGB and many more.

- Rename colors

Rename picked colors with ease.

- Dark & Light Themes


Version 2.0.4

Bugfixes and improvements

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

KennyWildfeuer ,


Das passt alles & funktioniert… echte arbeitserleichternd!

ThomasR. ,

Weiß nicht …….

Bei mir funktioniert das Kontextmenü im Programm überhaupt nicht. Ordner lassen sich zwar neu anlegen, aber nicht benennen oder löschen …….. das Kontextmenü funktioniert einfach nicht ………. UPDATE! (1.3.4) Nun läuft und funktioniert alles. Stelle keine Funktionsstörungen fest, daher nun ein paar Sterne mehr.

ma_ke ,


It’s amazing, it’s simple and it’s the same design as the Clipboard-App „Paste“.
I love the design and that it’s seamlessly the same Design as Paste so it feels more like a MacOS-integrated App than a third-party-app.
AND: It works very well :)


Ruslan Sayfutdinov
9.5 MB

macOS 10.12 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor



7,99 €


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