Version 1.26.2

* [Gameplay] Many unused items have been redesigned and now become Artifacts: you can carry them with you to receive special bonuses
* [Gameplay] Added several new unused items as Artifacts
* [Gameplay] Added the ability to instantly move to the descent to the next floor after clearing the current one. To open it, it is necessary to build and upgrade to the 3rd level a new building in the Fortress (Circle of Masters)
* [Gameplay] Fixed vibration on mobile devices (it can be disabled in Settings); added vibration when taking damage and after loading the dungeon
* [Fortress] New buildings added: Artifact Workshop and Circle of Masters
* [Settings] Added brightness adjustment in dungeons ("Video" tab)
* [Settings] Added the ability to adjust the position of the dush button and lock-target button
* [Misc] The effects list on the Characteristics tab in the Inventory now also displays all effects from put on items
* [Misc] Available for improvement buildings in the Fortress are now highlighted, and fully improved with a changed background
* [Misc] Minor interface improvements on the character selection screen
* [Misc] The modifier of the name of improved items now depends not on the first effect in the list, but on the last
* [Misc] In the description of the effects of items that are not cumulative, this is now explicitly indicated
* [Misc] Used and passive items are now also highlighted, like upgraded items
* [Misc] Updated descriptions of some items, and descriptions of used items now display their effects
* [Misc] Updated appearance and icons of the crystal store
* [Misc] Removed the effect of shaking the screen when shooting from a bow
* [Generation] Reduced the probability of generating empty rooms without monsters and objects of the environment
* [Balance] To be able to use the jerk and instant healing after clearing the floor, now you need Level 1 and 2 of the Circle of Masters (all old players will receive level 2 of this building automatically)
* [Balance] Damage of Throwing Knives now depends on Agility of the character
* [Balance] Removed bonus to defence against unallocated skill points due to the low efficiency and non-obviousness of this mechanics
* [Balance] The field of view of monsters generated near the player’s starting position is halved
* [Balance] Guardian Statues are weakened and are now much less commonly generated in the Catacombs, especially on the ground floors
* [Balance] Damage bonus and max. health of reinforced ("green") monsters now depends on the current depth and is significantly reduced on the initial floors
* [Balance] Altar of Fury replaced by Altar of Battle (instead of Berserk’s "Fury" now new buff simply gives increased damage)
* [Balance] The speed of the shells of Lich and Archlich is more than halved
* [Balance] Slightly increased the basic health of Goblin-Mechnikov and Goblin-Executioners, and also slightly increased the speed of movement of the Goblin-Assassin
! Mobile only * [Fixed] When buying crystals, they could come with a delay
* [Fixed] When removing improved equipment, effects could sometimes be removed even if the character has another item with the same effect
* [Fixed] Equipment recipes sometimes could not be pick up
* [Fixed] Some wall objects (such as torches) could be duplicated when loading saved dungeons or after visiting the Camp through the gates
* [Fixed] Attack angle for the dummies was calculated incorrectly
* [Fixed] The degree of rarity of a weapon might not be displayed in its characteristics
* [Fixed] Some translation changes
* [Fixed] Many small fixes and optimizations

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2 Bewertungen


265.9 MB

Erfordert iOS 9.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.


Englisch, Russisch

Freigegeben ab 12+ aufgrund:
Häufig/stark ausgeprägt: Zeichentrick- oder Fantasy-Gewalt
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