PUMA RS Game 4+


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This app accompanies the PUMA RS Computer Shoe app – and world’s first ever smart shoe.

Tun into a PUMA RS Computer Shoe run along the screen and collect coins. A series of obstacles will come your way - to avoid them simply tap on your smartphone to jump over them. The game will end when you collide with an object.

Back in 1986, when PUMA first released the RS Computer Shoe, we were “so out front in technology, we put computers in the backs of our shoes.” That is how we talked back then. Extremely bold but warranted when you think, no one had ever created a product with a body mounted sensor that could capture and store data in a shoe and then deliver it back to you. Today, as we bring the RS Computer Shoe “up to speed” and into the 21st century, the technology has been updated so that you don’t need a 16 pin cable to connect to an Apple IIe, a Commodore 64/128 or an IBM PC Computer, as if you had them tucked away anyway. I hear one person faintly say, “I have them!” Of course, you do, there is always one. The same innovation that calculated the number of steps you took, the distance you travelled and the calories you burned, (remember it was 1986, this was a big deal) are now available through the RS Computer app that works in conjunction with the RS shoes using Bluetooth to deliver the data.


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