QEPTR - capture great Video Stories and put them on any Barcode / QR Code!

Simple as that: Scan a code, see if it holds a video, be the first to add a video or add your video to the existing Video Story!

This has never been done before: We enable businesses and consumers to speak out loud on any standard EAN Product Barcode you will find on every product out there.

We firmly believe that this can make products truly social. And it can help businesses add the insights they always wanted directly on the product itself. No need to rout consumers to your website and from there to a YouTube Channel - put the Videos directly on your product! And be prepared for consumers response. This is probably the most liberal way of communication, enabling both sides to speak out!

Where does the cocoa in my chocolate come from? Who are the people that harvest the grapes in my wine? Is the meat that I am willing to buy really organic? What is the best recipe with this cake mix?

But QEPTR is not product only, it can be used on locations as well! How great is that?
Add a simple code to your locations front door and create a Video Story right on your location that can be discovered and enhanced by every user! Add some concert snippets or the stand-up comedian from last week on your code - and let users add their Video comments as well.

You can use QEPTR without the need of a login. If you want to add content, we use YouTube as a service provider. That is great, since everybody has a Google Login and we can simply use this login for QEPTR. Second, we can also use already existing Video content from YouTube and add it into a QEPTR Video Story! In case you already have great visual content hosted on YouTube, simply scan the code and add YouTube URL or Video identifier -it's so easy!

We feature sharing options, so you can share your favorite QEPTR content anytime on your favorite channel!

We have an important flagging mechanism that allows you to flag inappropriate content immediately. The content will be checked by an admin and we will not approve bad behavior, make no mistake, if you violate our terms, there will be consequences and you will be banned from QEPTR!

Your data is your data and stays your data! We do not track any activity inside the app, nor have we any further interest in the data you provide. You have full transparency, can access and export the data inside the app anytime - and there is also the option to delete all of it, of course!

QEPTR is a Beta Version, mistakes and crashes may appear. Feel free to get in touch and feedback anything you like / dislike about our humble app.

Thank you for using QEPTR!


Version 1.3.1

Killer feature: Add existing content from your YouTube Channel to any of your Product Barcodes!

All new UI & Functionality
- Visual Story Cards
- Visual Video Stream
- Profile Information w/ Picture
- Account Verification w/ Marker
- Apple Maps Integration
- Sharing Options
- incl. GDPR conform Data Privacy Management

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