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#1 app to help you quit smoking, vaping and alcohol! Thousands of smokers, vapers and drinkers have successfully quit using our personalised and scientifically proven support!

Quit Genius is currently only available via employers and insurance providers, so download the app if you've already successfully created an account.

As featured in The Times of India, NetDoctor, Wired, Mail Online, Metro, Evening Standard, The Mirror, Pharmatimes and TechCrunch.


“Quit Genius has so far been the most effective approach to motivate me to stop smoking. It helps you to understand what triggers your addiction on a deep level. What I like best is the app is designed to be there for you even after you’ve quit. I’ve not smoked for over 3 months.” by joanikin.

“I've been trying to quit smoking for the best part of 2 years. I got it down from smoking at every given opportunity to about 5 a day by myself but Quit Genius helped me get over that final hurdle and give up altogether. I've now been smoke free for about 6 weeks and I've never felt better. Would recommend to anyone who needs that additional support but does not have the money / time to see a specialist in person - this app is just as helpful!” Bennyboilerman


Quit Genius is the #1 app to quit nicotine. The app uses scientifically proven behavioural support (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help you stop smoking or vaping. It works by changing the way you think about your habit. So we don’t ask you to quit right away, instead we prepare you in the right way so you have everything you need before your quit date. What’s more the whole process is gamified, so you will be rewarded for your efforts.

The programme will guide you on your journey to better understand your relationship with cigarettes or e-cigarettes and help you change your current habits into healthy ones. What's more, we provide 12 months worth of support after you quit to help ensure the change is permanent and reduce the risk of you slipping up.

Quit Genius has been built by doctors, psychologists and world-leading experts on quitting smoking and vaping, so you’re in safe hands!

5 star rating: Thousands of people have successfully quit using Quit Genius.
Scientifically proven behavioural therapy personalised to you
Audio sessions that simplify the process of quitting smoking or vaping.
Accurately track your progress including money saved and life years regained
Reflective exercises that help you build healthy habits that last.
Interactive quizzes to reinforce your learnings.
Motivational reminders to help you on your quit journey.
Full access to the Quit Genius programme: Unlock 100+ guided sessions and access everything you need to quit once and for all!!
Craving support: Unlock a toolbox of mindfulness sessions that support you through cravings, whenever and wherever!
Quit when you’re ready: Personalised preparation right up until your quit date - a day when you will quit for good!
Everything you need to quit once and for all!


Quit Genius is now only available via employers and insurance providers

If you have an existing consumer subscription then this will continue to be supported.

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Version 2.6

Bug fixes and improved error handling

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4,3 von 5
258 Bewertungen

258 Bewertungen

resdog01 ,


Ich schreibe normalerweise keine Rezensionen- aber hier mache ich eine Ausnahme. Diese App ist jeden einzelnen Cent Wert und hat es geschafft mich nach knapp 40 Jahren Rauchen 🚬 in einer Woche(!) davon weg zu bringen.

Das ganze auch noch mit persönlichem Coach (kein Roboter 🤖) der das Thema „Quit-it“individuell und echt sehr motivierend begleitet.

Überlegt euch alleine die Kosten einer Stange Zigaretten - dann ist der Preis hier Dumping - DANKE 😍 an das gesamte Team. Well done 👏! TOP App !!!

Al.Zw. ,


Es wäre schön wenn es die App auch auf deutsch gäbe.

UliMö ,

Deutsch wäre schön!

Wenn es die App in deutsch gäbe, wäre es optimal! Ist dies in Zukunft geplant?


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