Delve into meditation. Start your daily practice today.
Sleep Meditation helps you sleep & Breath Meditation cultivates your mindfulness.

While the pace of life in our modern society is speeding up, we are often overwhelmed with worries and anxiety.
Our thoughts arise constantly and the brain keeps spiraling. Getting a restful sleep becomes more difficult.
Meditation teaches us the ability to settle our minds and to stay in the present moment.
It is a progress of cultivating mindfulness and further finding inner peace in our lives.

We will show you how to release mental fatigue and alleviate exhaustion with meditation.
Learning to meditate requires no intellectual efforts, talents or particular beliefs. It is all about practice on a daily basis.

Unlimited quotes. Strengthen your mental power.
Read these quotes and wake up cheerfully every day.
These quotes will uplift you and settle your mind.

We have a library full of motivational & inspirational quotes to help you strengthen your mental power.
No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties you are facing in life, reading quotes written by the most inspirational authors will help you turn your gloomy outlook on life into a positive one.

-Get daily motivational quotes to clear your mind and overcome despair
-Collect thousands of inspirational quotes
-Save your favorite quotes to lift yourself up anytime, anywhere
-Cultivate your mindfulness by reading inspirational quotes every day

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-Get access to all the meditation sessions
-Enjoy 100+ relaxing music
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Version 1.7.33

-New tutorial guides
-Meditation sessions will be checked off after the user finishes the session
-Layouts reframed

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2 Bewertungen

farber72 ,

Vielfältige App

Die hat eine nette Sammlung von Tönen, Bibelversen und inspirierenden Sprüchen. Allerdings alles nur in Englisch...

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Dear user, thanks for taking out time to rate us. Due to limited source at the beginning of developing an app, we only have English version at this time. But your support can really encourage us to keep going and delivering the best. So please encourage us with 5★. We're very appreciated! Thank you! :)

Grder love ,

Good job

Great app. Simple and easy to use. Well worked on UI.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hi Grder love, we are thrilled you like our app and thank you for giving us five star rating. We try our best to offer you the best. Inspire is an enjoyable and thought inspiring app to help everyone keeps inspired to do things through reading nice uplifting quotes. We appreciate that you support us and give feedback. Welcome to recommend to your friends, let us help people to start off their inspirational day. :) Best, Inspire Team


Inspire Premium
Various meditation sessions to help you sleep
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