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The Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit is an application developed by a Speech-Language Pathologist that targets improving reading skills for adults with reading difficulties. The Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit integrates six state-of-the-art reading activities at the word and phrase levels all specifically crafted to promote success in reading rehabilitation:

1.Word-Images match: This activity provides users with one word on the screen, which they must attempt to read and identify the corresponding image.
2.Image-Words match: This activity provides users with one image and they must identify the corresponding word among several words.
3.Phrase-Images match: This activity provides users with one phrase and they must identify the corresponding image.
4.Image-Phrases match: This activity provides users with one image and the must identify the corresponding phrase among several phrases.
5.Read & Answer: Users must attempt to read simple questions and answer based on the provided scenes.
6.Phrase Building: This is the activity that integrates reading and writing. Users are now able to attempt composing the simple phrases used throughout the application on previous activities independently by placing words on the screen.

Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit provides over three hundred pictures organized into semantic categories. The words or categories can be individually selected or eliminated. The activities automatically increase difficulty level based on the patient’s response.


Customizing the activities to the patient’s level increases the chances of success. The application allows users to select how many items are displayed per screen and how specific each exercise should be. Users can also choose to have the application automatically increase the difficulty level, as the patient becomes successful with the tasks presented.
It is also possible to select or de-select any specific word or image on any of the six activities.

Data collection:

The Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit makes use of one of the most advanced data tracking systems on adult rehabilitation applications. Each activity has its own visual graph, this way users can track and monitor progress as they use the app.

For therapists:

The Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit allows therapists to track the data for each patient. The customizable report can be emailed, printed, or exported to the Therapy Report Center application.
The application does not include audio because it was designed to serve as a reading exercise rather than as an auditory comprehension exercise.


Version 4.0

We have updated to meet the need of the latest iOS


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