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RouteWhisperer makes hidden and unusual places discovery effortless by a providing system that filters each paragraph of a travel content regarding their travel category to make them accessible easily.

We allow our users to break into parts of long content by assigning travel categories to maximize the accessibility of inside of the content and to minimize the effort of discovery process simultaneously by representing each part as a searchable post.

Every trip you take to feel magical. So you no longer have to see ordinary views and take photos of all the same sights. Now, you can access hidden and unusual places, unforgettable experience, and comfort of the effortless. Don’t be ordinary, there are always more to discover.


With RouteWhisperer you can,

- With the user-generated contents, you can discover hidden and unusual places spontaneously on feed.
- Switch among categories to see specific contents if you don’t want to read long travel contents.
- Save places what you’re interested to add “My Maps” on profile.

- Filter your feed through Category to find specific places of interest.
- Write a city or country on the search to dynamize categories.

- Customize your route by saving the places you want to see - RouteWhisperer automatically categorizes your saved places.
- See your saved places based on “My Maps” were archived as a country.

- Write hidden and unusual places.
- Highlight paragraphs of your travel content by category such as restaurant, park, museum to make any category of content discoverable effortlessly.

- Look back at your Whispers.
- See your “My Maps” archive.
- Reach notifications when received.


We're committing RouteWhisperer to help increase the awareness about hidden and unusual places discovery, show what the world has the real potential we are unaware, and to hold ourselves consciously towards progress.

ENJOY With your customized route full of hidden and unusual places!


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Version 1.2

Bug Fixes and Improvements


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