Visualize and organize your building.
Structure your building and design the app with your own rooms to keep a nice overview always and everywhere.
Navigate through the floors and always find your desired area or room.
Selected icons inform you if a light is currently on in this room or what the room temperature is at the moment.


Place objects directly on your room background.
You can quickly and easily upload your customized rooms as an image to our app.
All switchable objects can be placed directly in your room and switched from there.
You no longer have to search for your light or your blinds, because you can select the object directly where it is located in real life


Control lights, blinds, power sockets, sequences and much more in your building.
Control all objects together in one app, so you always have your control center with you in your backpack.
You can create your ownsequences or scenes, which can trigger a series of events, such as a good bye or good morning sequence, at the touch of a button.
You can also manage custom schedulers that play your desired events at a specific time or on a specific day.


Manage your room environment and always keep a pleasant atmosphere.
With our heat and cold visualization you control all objects which have to do with your climate, with one module.
With our heating wheel you can set the exact target temperature, always and everywhere.
YIn addition,, you keep track of all relevant sensors, such als oxygen or humidity, to create a pleasent room feeling.


Version 0.8.0

Custom Pages composition, settings and styling
Custom objects: Button, Switch, Label, Text View, Text Edit, Slider, MultiState View, MultiState Combo, Graphic, Web Page and Camera
Protecting account settings with password
Auto login counter with cancelation
New objects: Elevator Button
Objects locking, HVAC widget usability
Scheduler composer improvements
Performance and stability optimisation


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