Sand Castle: Tap & Build 4+

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Dig into the ultimate experience of a world-level sandcastle builder with this idle sand game! Tap away and construct awesome sandcastles for the whole beach to see! Use a variety of do-it-yourself tools to dig sand to build your castle. In Sand Castle, the tapping, digging, and building never stops - earn money and progress even when you’re offline!

Build and Grow Castle:
A tower, a staircase, and a sand sculpture - your dream sandcastle keeps growing with every tap you make. Dig this: the more you build, the more you can sell your kinetic construction for!

Not Your Typical Sand Box Tools:
Forget about the sandbox experience as you collect your honestly earned sand dollars - in this sandcastle building game you get to be on an eternal vacation digging huge amounts of kinetic sand right by the ocean. And the tools grow with you - start with bare hands and sand molds, and soon enough you’ll move to digging, scooping, building and sculpting with a shovel, wheelbarrow, or even a TV?!

Merge a Team:
Get yourself a digger or two, then upgrade them by merging! Your workers will form a team to scoop sand beside you and sculpt even faster!

Compete in Epic Battles:
Challenge worldwide in thrilling sand games against time and players! In PVP mode (battle mode) you’ll compete in building sand castles and rank against others around the world. Will your castle still reign supreme?

Idle Construction:
Even when you're not actively building, your sandcastle continues to grow. Take a break - you don’t even have to tap to play - watch as your creation grows and becomes an awe-inspiring fortress over time, even when offline.

Boosters and Power-ups:
Enhance your building speed and earnings with powerful boosters. One click to dominate the leaderboard and show off your sandcastle supremacy!
The world of building games will never be the same with Sand Castle - the relaxing idle-clicker to engage both your creativity and strategy. All under the hot sun in a company of sandcastle builders from around the globe!


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