“Sites in mind” is an application of the Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism in Munich. Starting with the question of how National Socialism put its stamp on Munich and penetrated the city, this application gives background information about a selection of 120 locations in and around Munich which are linked to the city’s National Socialist past.

Places showing the rise and the self-staging of the NSDAP (Nazi party)
Places showing the interweaving of National Socialism and administration, economy and industry
Places showing how the ideology penetrated society
Places symbolising deprivation of rights and persecution
Places symbolising resistance against National Socialism.

Background texts, images, biographies, audio and video material give information about the events, functions and people linked to specific buildings and locations and show how these places changed in the course of history. All these traces from the past and the information provided aim to inspire a critical look at the history of National Socialism.


− offline and online map with 120 locations (POIs = Points of Interest)
− GPS function with alert
− option to sort and filter (topics, places)
− keyword search and display of results on the map
− augmented reality: alternative navigation, view of POIs in camera module
− extensive content, available both online and offline (120 background texts for the POIs, over 400 images, 20 audios, 9 videos and about 50 biographies)

The zoomable maps provide access to the media content in Munich and surroundings. The overview map gives quick access to the regions with available content.
Objects in Munich inner city are the central core of this application. These objects as well as the relevant map material are integrated in the application and can therefore be used offline. It is possible to download further offline maps and content, via the settings. Alternatively, via an active internet link, the online maps of OpenStreetMap may be used.
The integrated GPS function with alert (= call tone) facilitates navigation and finding the POIs locally.

In the topic view, the available POIs are displayed according to topics. In the location view, the POIs can be displayed as a listing. The search function provides the option to filter available content and display the results on the map.

The application makes four suggestions for routes through Munich's inner city. These one- to two-hour tours guide users to important places for the history of National Socialism in Munich. The selected route is automatically displayed on the map. The POIs along the route are marked. With activated GPS, the current location is displayed on the map.

In the camera module, content is shown in the surroundings (depending on the direction of the camera).

Winfried Nerdinger

Zara S. Pfeiffer, Felizitas Raith, Thomas Rink, Martin W. Rühlemann
Based on the catalogue for the exhibition "Ort und Erinnerung – Nationalsozialismus in München" (Place and Remembrance – National Socialism in Munich), edited by Winfried Nerdinger, Munich 2006.

Boundary Productions e.K.
edufilm und medien GmbH
P.medien GmbH

Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung
Stadtsparkasse München
Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg
Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern


Version 1.4

support for iOS 12


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