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sMaily (Smiley Mail) - free

is the application if you want to send picture greeting cards, valentine or love greetings, birthday greetings and any other greetings or wishes that should be graphically enhanced.

It lets you create enhanced email picture post cards which can be enriched with icons, smilies and other emoticons. It also gives you the ability to store cards as templates. With this update it currently offers you over 330 smilies/icons.

After a message has been written it can be send by pressing the send button. The email then is automatically being handed over to Apples build in Email Application for sending. Furthermore a copy of the card is being stored in the saved card folder for later re-usage. If you want it to be send without saving just send it via the actions menu. When creating an email you can save it at any time within the saved cards folder and continue writing later.

Within the main menu you can either select a previously saved card or create a new one.

When the icon view is being displayed you can access more icons by swiping left and right over the icon view. The icon view can be hided again by touching "icons" again or by swiping down your finger on the icon view.

Icon being send should be displayed on any devices which can handle mime email format. People’s feedback so far is very positive that the icons are being displayed on their systems.

There also is an other buyable version of sMaily which comes without iAds and additionally offers a sMaily keyboard which can be used in any App that is able to support and paste images and also offers copying images to the clipboard and paste the images in any app that allow the pasting of images. The clipboard can be adjusted to support WhatsApp optimized images so that they look great in the preview and thus can perfectly used for your chats. It additionally also lets you adjust the size of smileys. You can choose between 3 different sizes. (Can be adjusted in the action menu)

If you have any comments or feedback please contact us at the email indicated within the application.

We hope you enjoy using the application
Thank you


Version 2.8

Diese App wurde von Apple aktualisiert, um das Symbol der Apple Watch-App anzuzeigen.

Halloween images added.
IOS 9 Split View support.

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5,0 von 5
2 Bewertungen

2 Bewertungen


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