Note: This is NOT an ear training app.

You need to know your intervals! If you've got them down you can instantly know the steps of every major scale in every key. You can build chords and scales with ease. 1st, 3rd and 5th of D. No problem. What's the minor third of B? No problem. Dominant 7th of A. You'll know.

The "smart" of Smart Interval Trainer is the guide that will lead you down the path to learning all the intervals in every key. There are too many combinations to learn right off. In "Full Auto Mode" you'll get the material presented to you in bite sized chunks. It will be easy. As you progress you'll be given more and more. Before you know it you'll have all the intervals in all the keys down.

Want to go it alone or maybe just master some of the intervals. No problem. You can choose which intervals you want to practice and the training will have you mastering just those. The manual interval option is also "smart" and presents the information in bite sized chunks so learning is easy.

Don't know what intervals or scales are. No problem. There's a tutorials section which will start you off on notes, introduce you to the major scales and lay out how the intervals are built and named. As a bonus there's a tutorial on all the doors that will be opened to you as a musician if you know the intervals.

If you "order" now you also get three very useful tools:
- The Interval Explorer which shows you all the intervals by key. Just choose the key you're interested in and presto it's all there easy to see.
- The Major Scale Explorer which will show you the major scales on a piano keyboard. It's sometimes easier to visualize that way.
- Reminders: You can't learn your intervals if you don't practice. So Smart Interval Trainer lets you set reminders. Get a notification at the times you like to remind you to practice. A few minutes here and there and before you know it you'll have it down.

So don't waste another minute. Start learning the intervals now!

We've got another app that will teach you the intervals on a piano keyboard. That is useful too but this app was designed with the idea that you want to be able to instantly know, by note name, the intervals in all keys. By sticking with the note names you won't be "cheating" based on the shape of the keyboard etc. In fact even the "keyboard" in this app was laid out the way it is to prevent guessing based on "shape".


Version 1.3.0

- Updated for the latest iOS and refreshed the app.
- Bug fixes and improvements.


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