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IMPORTANT: New customers should purchase StopTheMadness Pro rather than StopTheMadness, which will receive no new features.

StopTheMadness is an extension for Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Chromium browsers that stops web sites from making your browser harder to use. And it protects your privacy on the web. StopTheMadness is not an ad blocker: it offers unique features not available from ad blockers or any other apps. StopTheMadness is one of a kind!

Made by indie developer Jeff Johnson. The support link has documentation and my email address.

Many web sites deliberately disable user interface features in your browser that you normally expect to work. StopTheMadness re-enables those features for you in your browser:
• ⌘-click and middle-click to open a link in a new tab
• ⌘-key keyboard shortcuts
• opening contextual menus
• selecting, copying, cutting, and pasting of text
• drag and drop
• AutoFill/autocomplete of passwords, emails, etc.

StopTheMadness also protects your privacy on the web:
• Removes tracking tags such as utm_source, gclid, and fbclid from the end of URLs.
• Stops clickjacking in Google Search, Gmail, Facebook, and DuckDuckGo.
• Stops hyperlink auditing by removing the anchor "ping" attribute on link clicks.
• Stops tracking beacons (Navigator.sendBeacon).
• Stops sites from using the Page Visibility API to know when a tab is visible on your screen.

Bonus Features:
• Stop videos from autoplaying. This works even on sites where the browser's autoplay preferences don't work.
• Automatically skip YouTube video ads.
• Show native video controls. Use AirPlay or Picture-in-Picture from Safari on sites that don't normally support it.
• Automatically select web video speed.
• Automatically select video quality on YouTube.
• Font replacement. Substitute one font for another on web pages.
• Add your own site-specific CSS and JavaScript to web pages.
• Custom URL redirects.
• Stops "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" alerts. Close your tabs without getting stopped by the site.
• Force links to open in the current tab instead of a new tab. Remove target="_blank" from links so that they no longer automatically create a new tab.
• Force links to open in a new tab instead of the current tab. This is great if you're scrolling through a list of links and want to open each one in a new tab.
• Force images to the front. Bypass the transparent overlay on sites such as Instagram that prevents you from dragging and opening the contextual menu on images.
• Warns when you paste or type beyond the maximum length in a password field or other text field. Stops you from accidentally losing characters. (Feature not available in Firefox.)
• ⌘-c to copy link URL on hover. Much easier than opening the contextual menu. Also ⌘-x to copy link title on hover.
• ⌘-delete on hover to delete any HTML element on the page. If something is in your way, temporarily remove it.
• Stop ⌘-left-arrow from unexpectedly sending you back to the previous page in your browsing history.
• Stop scrolljacking.
• Stop sites from using JavaScript to track the movement of your mouse pointer.

Safari-specific Features:
• Stops URL shorteners. Checks the links you click in Safari for well-known link shorteners —,, (used by Twitter), etc. — and loads the unshortened destination URL instead of the shortened URL. This occurs without setting any cookies or other site data, so you can't be tracked by your click.
• Stop Safari from automatically submitting login forms. AutoFill login forms and then make changes such as checking "Remember Me" or take CAPTCHA tests before submitting.
• Automatically open clicked links in other apps. You can specify rules in StopTheMadness such as open links in Google Chrome. Or even don't open links at all, to keep you from accidentally opening Facebook.
• ⌘-v when hovering over a link to open the link with the app selected in the "Open Link with" popup.


Version 40.10

• Show native controls: Fixed unmuting on Twitter
• Show native controls: Fixed some videos playing only audio on
• Show native controls: Fixed an infinite loop on with showing and hiding the video controls
• Stop autoplaying video: Improved handling of videos with no video source
• Video Highlight: Make all videos opaque, in case they're currently transparent
• Bypass link shorteners: Fixed escaping of ampersands in meta http-equiv refresh
• Protect tab closing and page visibility: Fixed the error "Permissions policy violation: unload is not allowed in this document" in the Chrome Extensions window. The unload event has been deprecated by Chrome.
• Worked around a Firefox bug in the Add-ons Manager window Preferences where horizontal lines appeared as dots

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4,9 von 5
77 Bewertungen

77 Bewertungen

Rahmay ,

STOP! ... darf Passwörter, Kreditkartendaten lesen ???

Es wird nicht darauf hingewiesen, dass diese App alle vertraulichen Daten wie Passwörter und Kreditkartendaten auslesen kann , konnte ich erst in den Safari-Einstellungen sehen - ich traue dieser App nicht! Habe das Programm sofort deinstalliert und bin verärgert - schade um mein Geld!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Use to request a refund. You can get your money back if you want, it's not lost. The permissions for StopTheMadness are in fact shown in the Mac App Store screenshots. At there's more information about StopTheMadness privacy and the privacy policy. That boilerplate text is shown in Safari for any extension that uses JavaScript. You can trust me, I've been a well known Mac developer for over a dozen years, and you may have even used my software before. Please check out my background, as well as the reviews by Daring Fireball, Cult of Mac, and Mac Observer.

ANGOmarcello ,

Genau was ich brauchte

Endlich kann ich auf Youtube mit einem Rechts-Klick den Bild in Bild Modus starten! Dieses Feature alleine ist für mich das Geld wert.

Thomas Wölk ,

Nützlichstes Stück Software auf meinem Mac …

StopTheMadness ist ein effektives Instrument, um Belästigungen auf Websites zu Leibe zu rücken. Die Software ist mittlerweile ein Standardbestandteil meiner Macs. Mir gefällt besonders die aktive Weiterentwicklung und die Erreichbarkeit des Entwicklers. Noch besser wird STM mit Link Unshortener vom gleichen Entwickler.

Thanks Jeff for this great piece of software!


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