SwiftoDo is a modern, powerful todo.txt app for iOS. It is a task list built specifically for the todo.txt file format, and allows you work with your existing todo.txt files via Dropbox or any data provider that integrates with the iOS 11+ Files app.


- Full support for the todo.txt file format
- Dropbox sync
- Archiving completed tasks to done.txt
- Import tasks from Reminders

## Supported Todo.txt Format Extensions

- Due date tags (due:)
- Threshold date tags (t:)
- Recurring tasks (rec:+1w)
- Hidden tasks (h:1)
- Retain priority after completion (optional; two ways)

## User Interface

- Four task list styles to customize how you view your tasks
- Full file text editing mode, for when you need it
- Numerous dark and light themes
- Single or multiple task entry for new tasks
- One-touch edits to change priority, due date, etc.
- Select and edit multiple tasks from the task list with one-touch edits
- Pickers for inserting priority, projects, contexts, etc.
- Numerous sort presets, with grouping
- Powerful filtering capabilities
- Full-text search
- Undo/redo
- Hardware keyboard shortcuts
- Slide-over menu to open URLs contained in the task text
- Option to set a default priority on new tasks

## iOS 10+ Integration

- Universal app for iPhone and iPad
- Live filter split view in landscape on iPad, iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus
- Slide-over and split-screen multitasking on iPad (great for having tasks side by side with your favorite note-taking app)
- 3D Touch peek & pop and home screen quick actions
- Core Spotlight integration
- URL scheme with x-callback-url support


## A task list that *you* control

Your task list is a plain text file, not some proprietary format owned by a company or locked to a specific application.

## A simple and timeless format

Plain text is the simplest file format there is. It will always be accessible, by some kind of application, forever.

## Few rules to learn

Learn only a few simple formatting rules (which SwiftoDo will take care of for you) to indicate task priority, task completion, and so on.

## A GTD-ready system

The todo.txt format was built with Getting Things Done in mind. It supports projects (which being with “+”) and contexts (which begin with a “@“).

## Use alongside any app on any platform

With Dropbox or Files app (iOS 11+ only) sync enabled, you can sync your task list with any app on any platform.


Version 3.1.2

# Enhancements

- The app will now warn you, before you select a new todo.txt document to sync to via the Files app, that doing so will overwrite your local task list. This will give users a chance to go back and export their task list if they are concerned about losing data.
- Updated some of the low-level todo.txt code to use the same code as the macOS version.

# Bug Fixes

- Most single task edit functions did not work when the task view was opened via 3D Touch ("peek and pop").

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.6 von 5
26 Bewertungen

26 Bewertungen

Stanislaw Wokulski ,

App lässt sich nicht öffnen

Nach dem ich die App mit meiner Dropbox verlinkt habe, stürzt sie dauernd beim Starten ab :(

fine-analyst ,

Good, but a bit buggy

Overall very good and highly functional app.

Import from the reminders app does not include recurring dates and even due dates seem to get lost. Deletion of the imported tasks should be optional at least for testing purposes. The bulk setting of more than 10 of „marked“ tasks to higher/lower priority does not work (it only works for the ones that are displayed).

Please fix especially the import as it is really convenient to dictate new tasks to siri along with a „due date“ and then import them..

Missing features: „allow second sorting“ does not work, should be able to sort according to more that one rule, e.g. for priority AND due date. Also, the due date should only be displayed in red once it is overdue. Until then a gray would be perfect. Red is too much of a signal colour.

5 stars from me once all of it is done :)

123 fix ,

öffnen von todo.txt aus anderen Apps funktioniert nicht

Gute App ... aber:
Öffnen von todo.txt aus anderen Apps funktioniert unter iOS10 nicht.
Kein Support. E-Mail Anfragen an den Entwickler werden nicht beantwortet.


Michael Descy
19 MB

Erfordert iOS 11.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



Kennzeichnung: 4+
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4,49 €


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