swrm will enable you to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. Track your carbon footprint and take up the challenge to live sustainably. This is the most comprehensive carbon footprint calculator ever developed - to equip you with the data you need to be your most sustainable self! Including educational videos & articles to support you in this transition.

Discover and track the carbon footprint from the grocery products you purchase and compare your favorite brands to find out which are better for the planet.

We have added perishables so you can track purchases of your fresh produce and goods from agriculture.

Track the carbon footprint from driving your vehicle or by taking a shared transportation alternative, such as a bus or train.

Add your personal devices and home appliances to see how they affect your household carbon footprint.

Create your own hive to challenge your friends to live sustainably and save the planet as a community!

With three difficulty levels, you can adjust your goals as your green knowledge grows to try and reach a completely sustainable lifestyle.

Our App includes:
• Grocery barcode scanning
• Grocery store location for improved data accuracy
• Compare life-cycle energy consumption of products
• Vehicle search by make and model
• Tracking of vehicle carbon footprint by the miles you drive
• Tracking of other transportation methods: Walking, Cycling, Train, Subway, Bus and Taxi Services
• Add the distance or duration of travel and check the footprint before you hit the road
• Compare your carbon footprint to other members in your community or friends across the globe.
• Relevant and up-to-date articles and videos on sustainability, current environmental events and issues, and the latest on reducing your carbon footprint.

swrm is a community with team members across the globe who are passionate about making a difference to the environment and helping to solve the climate issues we face today. We love to partner with like-minded people who share this enthusiasm for our planet!

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Version 1.2.0

- Tracking of Perishable items by weight or quantity (Fruit, Vegetables, Meat).
- Tracking for your Personal Devices (laptops, smart phones).
- Tracking for Household Electronics (washing machines, televisions).
- Track your progress against others in your Hives that you can create or join.
- Three difficulty levels to try and reach the sustainable carbon footprint limit.


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