Hooray! The Tappsk Mac version is ready! Check it :)

Note: Mac version isn't included in the iOS Premium Package. iOS subscription applies only to iPhone & iPad devices.

Our mission is to replace your planner, habit tracker, reminder app, and calendar with a single app, so you can concentrate on whatever needs to be done instead of wasting time on each separate app.

We've put an incredible amount of effort into our interface, and as a result, it came out clean and simple, while at the same time uniting all of Tappsk's functionality on one screen.

Our pride and joy:

• The home screen, on which you can see all your tasks and can edit each date with the swipe of one finger.

• Reminders you'll never miss! Tappsk will keep reminding you of your pending task until you decide what you want to do with it.

• Subtasks: create checklists and divide your tasks into smaller chunks.

• Hidden lists: eg., lists of books or movies, which will not show up on the home screen.

• A logbook that allows you to analyze your task history from any given day.

Lots of tasks, one Tappsk :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our support -, we are always ready to improve!

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Version 1.0.5

We added a trash bin. The deleted tasks will be stored in it.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3,7 von 5
3 Bewertungen

3 Bewertungen

Mike_5000 ,

Nicht schlecht, aber ausbaufähig

Ich habe mir die Versionen iOS & Mac OS geladen. Finde die Optik gelungen, auch die idee mit den Gewohnheiten ist gut. Man kann Dinge einfach anlegen und erledigen und sich angewöhnen.

Es gibt allerdings ein paar Dinge die fehlen, aber auf Dauer auch nicht fehlen sollten:

- Die Geewohnheiten werden in der MacOS App nicht angezeigt.
- Darstellungsprobleme: Listen werden in anderen Schriftarten dargestellt, sobal andere Listen bearbeitet werden. Auch werden manchmal Leerzeichen in den Beschriftungen hinzugefügt.
- Überhaupt bietet die MacOS App keinen Zugriff auf die Einstellungen...
- Bei Aufgaben können in der Mac App keine wiederkehrenden Aufgaben erstellt werden.

Dafür, dass die App kostenpflichtig ist, ist sie mir zu rudimentär...

SiBro5 ,

Awesome work!

Update 1:
It seems that the app didnt get any updates for over ten months. Sadly a few things are still missing.

I really like this todo app. I already use it on the iPad and iPhone. It would be nice if the the dark mode could permanently be activated. Somehow I also miss the habit fields which are displayed on the iPhone/iPad.

Keep up the good work!

Raru Boy ,

Some imporvements needed

The App is gorgeous but needs a little bit of care.
I use the iOS and the macOS versions and it helps
a lot to manage my day. The iCloud Sync is instant and the app in a simple and clean design.
What bothers me is the fact that the iOS Version is better than the macOS one and some little details.
At first habbits are missing and the ability to voice dictate the tasks wich i heavily use on iPhone.
Second i would like to see a working Link in my discret notes on a task and the option to pack in a pdf.
The third thing is the low rate of updates that got me sceptical of futureproofing.
Besides that Tappsk is a usefull, practically and most important EASY way to get stuff in controll.
The price is not small, but since its a group of 3 developers i decided to support them.


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