"When did I do it?"
"How much time do I have left?"
"How many times have I done it?"
Task Timer is an app that solves these questions.

For example, by registering daily routines that you tend to forget or irregularly perform, such as "drinking water", "going for a walk" or "reading a book", you can intuitively grasp the time that has passed since the last time you performed them and the time remaining until the deadline.
Not only is it a great reminder of what you need to do in the future, but it's also a great way to keep track of what you've done, such as whether you've taken your medication or not, so you don't forget.
Of course, you can also record habits you want to quit, such as being late or smoking.

One of the most unique aspects of this app is that it doesn't set a specific date and time for a deadline.
The due date is calculated starting from the last time you did it, such as 8 hours, 10 days, or a month after the last time you did it.
This allows you to visually and efficiently manage irregular tasks that are difficult to manage with calendars and reminders.

- Efficient management of irregular and hard to manage tasks.
- To keep you motivated to accomplish what you want to do.
- Visualize what you used to do casually and make it a habit.

I've tried to make it simple and straightforward without cramming it with complicated features, but with just enough features to keep it running.
I've combined reminders, counters and timers in an unprecedented way to help you be more productive with unique task management features.

Feature Description:
- Register tasks.
- You can specify a deadline for a task.
- You can choose to add new tasks at the top or at the bottom.
- Notifications can be sent to the task when it is due.
- Titles of tasks can include a line break.
- Tasks can have a note attached to them.
- You can sort tasks automatically or manually.
- You can delete a task.
- You can archive tasks that no longer need to be performed.
- You can filter to show only the overdue tasks.
- Displays the number of overdue tasks on the app icon badge.
- Records the date and time of task execution in history.
- You can see the total number of times the task was performed.
- You can change the date and time in the history later.
- You can add a notes to the history.
- You can delete the history.
- Displays the remaining time until the deadline and the elapsed time from the date of performance.
- Display the number of times of execution as a graph of days, weeks, months and years.
- Data can be synchronized between multiple devices by iCloud.
- You can choose to use iCloud on or off.
- Automatic or manual backup function.


Version 1.4

Minor bug fixes and code optimizations.


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