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"'s a great program to have if you plan to give a speech." -

NEW VERSION 3.0 - Compatible with Teleprompt+ 3 for iOS. Added rich text, quick edit, new remote functionality, timed prompting sessions, Box service import and export and much more.

Note: This version is no longer compatible with previous versions of Teleprompt+ 2 or below. Please contact support if you still require this version.

The most advanced and full-featured professional teleprompter for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is now also for the Mac! Available for Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. Control the teleprompter running on your Mac with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or another Mac!

Teleprompt+ is a simple yet powerful professional teleprompter for your Mac. Perfect for presenters, lecturers, students, teachers, broadcasters, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, business professionals, or anyone who would benefit from having a powerful visual aid while engaged in a public speaking activity.

Write your scripts using the robust text editor, or import your text from other applications or online services.
Track your progress using the integrated timer display (estimate, actual, elapsed and remaining time).
Pause, play, and adjust scrolling speed during prompting using on-screen controls or gestures.


Sometimes you need certain words to stand out. With rich text editing you can make specific portions of your script bold, underline, or italic, or change the color of the text of selected words, phrases, or entire paragraphs with ease.

Quick edit allows you to make quick changes to your script without ever leaving the prompting screen.

Use a Mac or iOS device with Teleprompt+ installed to remotely control speed, font size, and scrolling of any number of other Mac or iOS devices running Teleprompt+ via Wifi.. Also edit the script right from the remote device and the changes are immediately displayed on all connected devices.

Record yourself or your talent with the built-in microphone and/or camera on your Mac.

Choose between 100 fine-tuned scrolling speeds or choose the total time for your presentation and the scrolling speed will adjust automatically.
Use the speed wheel for precision scroll speed adjustment during prompting.

Import and export plain text, Word documents (.docx) and rich text (.rtf) files from the app to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Allows for quick editing and synchronization of your scripts on any device with either Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

Improve your focus with one of three reading guide styles.

Easily add cue points while editing and quickly advance or return to a cue point during prompting

Text can be inverted on screen (for teleprompter reflector setups)

Have two monitors connected to your Mac? You can use both as prompting screens. One to control the prompting and other for the talent.

Questions/feedback? We care deeply about our customers and want them to have the best experience possible with our products. If you are having any issues with Teleprompt+, we want to help. Please contact us through email at If you have a problem or question please do not put this in an app review as we have no way of responding or helping you through reviews.

If you're enjoying Teleprompt+ 3 please consider leaving a review. It greatly helps get the word out about the app so we can continue to improve and grow the app.


Version 3.0.8

Updated to latest Dropbox And Google Drive interfaces. Should improve both upload and downloading of scripts, videos and audio files from these services.

Thanks again to everyone who has given us feedback. We appreciate it and are always working to improve our apps!

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5,0 von 5
1 Bewertung

1 Bewertung

uli gerade in hamburg ,

Universell mit Ipad, Iphone und Mac

Wir verwenden Teleprompt schon lange "mobil" an einer Sony FS7, in der Regel mit iPad an einem TP600 Teleprompter von Datavideo. Dabei steuern wir das gespiegelte iPad dann vom iPhone - und das klappt super.
Allerdings ist die Bluetooth-Kopplung wackelig, wir gehen lieber ins gleiche WLan oder benutzen einen Taschenhotspot für beide Geräte.
Ich hab erst vor Kurzem auch den Mac eingebunden, finde den Preis hier deutlich zu hoch, aber es ist es mir wert, im Studio den Teleprompter an der Kamera bequemer am Laptop zu steuern.

Ich finde, der Funktionsumfang ist absolut in Ordnung, das eine oder andere wäre noch wünschenswert (mehr oder andere Cloud Quellen), aber es tut, was es soll - gerade die drahtlose Verkopplung zweier Geräte (Prompting und Steuern) macht diese App zu einer Empfehlung.

F.N.F. ,


…aber definitiv keine 21,99€ wert!! Der Prompter ruckelt doch störend und mir erschließt sich beim besten Willen nicht, warum das Programm so viel kostet. Kaum Einstellmöglichkeiten und überschaubare Maske.

rb2424 ,

Not reliable

Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Not very usefull in professional environments.


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