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The Goalkeeper App is your personal goalkeeper trainer in your pocket. There are many soccer training apps out there, however, the goalkeeper position is continually forgotten about. This app has been developed in mind for goalkeepers to take their training to the next level. Each month 12 new goalkeeper specific training sessions will be uploaded for you to do on your own. The sessions are designed with minimal equipment and with the intent to give you more structure in your development when you are working on your own.

Each session includes:
-A video of how to perform the exercise with coaching points.
-A diagram of what the exercise set up may look like.
-What equipment is needed.
-More coaching points of what to pay attention to for more deliberate training.

The app also includes 20 different technique videos of what a goalkeeper can use within their game and when they would use each technique. This is to help the goalkeeper make a better decision when playing. The app was clearly developed for goalkeepers who may not have access to a goalkeeper trainer, but also for goalkeepers who want more structure training on their own. However, the app was also designed for the club/team trainer. Now the club/team trainer can see which goalkeepers are working on their own and who are not. The goalkeeper can upload a video of them performing an exercise and the trainer can provide feedback from the video.

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Version 2.0

Minor Bug Fixes


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