Described by Wall Street Journal as “Software that thinks like you do” and MacLife as “the most compelling mind mapping adaption we’ve encountered.” Winner of KMWorld's Trendsetting Products.

TheBrain lets you see and connect everything across all your devices. Capture ideas, web pages, files and notes and always find them - just like you think of them. With TheBrain you will even see related items that would otherwise be forgotten.

TheBrain combines the best of note taking, file synchronization and mind mapping apps to give you the ultimate digital memory. See your ideas and information like never before with your own digital Brain.

Key Features

Navigate across all key topics and information within your Brain's Thought network and connections.

Move beyond conventional mind maps and linear folder storage with TheBrain’s animated links and visualization that enable any Thought or file to be connected to anything else.

Just type in a new Thought, make a connection or take a note. Your Brain stores it all.

Your Brain can be accessed anywhere. This means all your key ideas, notes and files are available to you on all your devices!

Find any file, web page or idea in seconds.

Add web pages, photos and documents to your Thoughts. All linked the way you think.

See your ideas, make connections and gain new insights in TheBrain’s visual interface

Publish and share your Brain on the cloud. You can even synchronize Thoughts with team members through TheBrain Desktop software.


Here are a few ideas how you can use TheBrain for work or life:

• Digitize your mind. Start with your name then create Thoughts for all aspects of your business and personal life. Your Brain will be become a reflection of your mind and grow more powerful as you use it.

• Use as "everything in your life manager" or for key projects. You’ll get the big picture on all your information and drill down to the right file or detail within seconds.

• Capture your ideas and interesting content and activate it in your Brain when you need it.

• Use your Brain to organize trips, travel and key events.

• Add Thoughts to deepen understanding on key concepts for smarter research.

• Go from ideas to action by capturing all your goals and then adding even more connected Thoughts and all the right information to achieve and get things done.

• Brainstorm and build a complete knowledgebase to foster innovative ideas and inject some spark in your projects.

• Aggregate all your inspirations in a way that captures your vision and take any writing project to the next level.

• Link people, projects and the right information to get a smarter view of business operations.

• Create a topic-oriented Brain on your key passion or special interest to bring all the right content to life and get the big picture.

• Create Brains and add Thoughts for your personal projects like home renovations or new product purchases for personal productivity and organization.

• To make the most of TheBrain install it on your computer and all devices. TheBrain's powerful macOS and Windows clients sync seamlessly with iOS so you’ll always have your best ideas and information with you.


Version 10.0.8

Various fixes.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.3 von 5
11 Bewertungen

11 Bewertungen

lerone-b ,

good to have…

it‘s good to have; as it allows people already invested in the desktop app to read and - to some extent - edit their ‚brains‘.

but this is really base-level implementation. sync works fine, editing new thoughts also. but a lot (most) of what makes a ‚brain‘ useful can‘t be done: reports (complex search):no, html-, pdf- and some other important attachment types:no; timeline: no; crawling + multi-select:no;…

also given that things are ‚your brain‘ the lack for a private/self-hosted syncing is a little staggering.

donˋt get me wrong: itˋs really useful - for dedicated theBrain users. but given the rather astronomical subscription price such a minimal implementation and being forced to sync potentially critical stuff only over a company server in the us is really ... underwhelming.

I am not liking or wanting to complain; but other references of serious information managers (like DTTG) show that an ios client can be treated with some more respect for the idea/rationale of the app and the users.

Chiromed ,

totes Programm

Die Entwicklung der iOS-Version von TheBrain wurde offensichtlich eingestellt. Die wirklich gute MacOS-Version 9 wird zwar noch als „Combo“ verkauft. Das ist aber Augenwischerei. Ich fürchte, das ganze Produkt geht zum Teufel. Es war einmal das beste auf dem Markt.

JoH1:) ,

Für mich so (ohne lokalen Sync) nicht nutzbar.

Auf dem Desktop finde ich "The Brain" hervorragend. Die App ist von der Bedienbarkeit her ebenfalls klasse.
Leider gibt es für mich einen Haken:
Wie eine andere bereits geschrieben haben kann mit dieser Version nur über den Server der Firma von "The Brain" mit der Desktop Version gesynct werden. Für mich ist dies zur Zeit keine Option da mir die Sicherheit meiner Daten wichtiger ist.

Somit ist die App für meine Zwecke unbrauchbar.

Ich habe die Firma bereits dazu kontaktiert.
Die Antwort war, dass der Wunsch, lokal zu syncen wahrgenommen wurde und es keine Informationen dazu gäbe ob und wann dies umgesetzt würde.


TheBrain Technologies
198.2 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.3 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.

Freigegeben ab 4+
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