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Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer

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Thinkie 3 version 1.1 supports data capture for Thinking Aloud with audio and video data stored in the user's private iCloud database. It includes speech recognition.

Thinkie is to support data capture for thinking-aloud on iPhone and iPad. Especially during field work a researcher is better off on mobiles.

The current version is the 3rd one since 2013, trying to achieve better usability and keeping pace with the technical development.

For thinking-aloud one records a person talking while dealing with a problem. This yields concurrent verbal protocols of a person’s thinking work. Often it is useful to record a video in parallel. Most often the spoken verbal protocol is transcribed in order to interpret and categorize it.

The description of how the person succeeds with a task is good for showing the cognitive processing. If a user encounters avoidable problems with a device or interface, one would try to offer a better version. This is the case of usability engineering, human computer interaction (HCI) or user experience design (UX).

At you find an English storyboard-style user guide. For German see
On privacy please see .

The version 1.1 on IOS 14.5 includes an explicit Apple ID authorization.

Thinkie 3.0 was tested with an iPhone XS and an iPad Air 2.


Version 1.1

To Thinkie 3 1.1 an explicit Apple ID authorization has been included right at app start. An authorization page pops up. Some user interfaces insert a new button in order to make you move better inside the app.


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