Thinknx UP uplifts the level of supervisions for professional home automation.
Completely redesigned and distinguished by unique key features, this app allows a leap forward in terms of usability and appealing providing the building enhanced performances as well as much more power and flexibility.

A new RGBW POP-UP simplifies the usage of colored and tunable white lamps permitting to save unlimited number of colors and to shuffle between them. SCENES can be modified as easily as during recording, allowing any single action to be changed or even removed to get the desired end result.
In addition to the automatically generated list, CUSTOMIZABLE PORTRAIT can be designed as for landscape to accommodate your prefer graphic.
Reinvented SCHEDULES permit to easily create time or event based actions repeating on any time base.
It is also possible to switch from one THEME to another just choosing it from the settings.
The management of HVAC and thermostats has been lead to an even higher level presenting much more info to the user without any additional configuration.
Last but not least, to deploy the app globally, interfaces can be now created in ANY LANGUAGE thanks to the minimal usage of fixed texts and the support of unicode fonts.

- Fast and easy setup using the free ThinKnx Configurator
- Unlimited number of KNX group addresses
- Multiproject support
- Secure connection thanks to encrypted stream
- Comfortable and intuitive usage
- Simple and attractive design
- Advanced logical functions

Check list of the main software functions:

- Management of complete home and building automation systems based on KNX, Z-Wave, BTicino, Modbus
- Lights (on/off command with % value, dimmer, new RGBW control with colors and sequences set by the user)
- Awnings and any kind of motorized shutter/curtain
- Climate and heating (manual or scheduled climate control)
- Display weather data
- Load control, water, gas, electricity
- Create custom scenarios
- HVAC control with desired thermal modality (comfort, standby, night)
- Basic Logic - Boolean functions (AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND) and filters.
- Timed controls thanks to calendars and a lot of kind of timers
- KNX bus monitor via web page
- Smart Irrigation system
- Voice control function

Integrated anti-intrusion systems:
- Bentel: Kyo8, Kyo16, Kyo32, Kyo320, Absoluta
- Tecnoalarm: Tecno Out protocol
- Paradox
- Elkron: MP508TG
- Aritech Advisor Master and Advanced
- Honeywell Galaxy
- Inim
- Urmet
- Siemens SPC
- Elmo / Iess

Integrated management of video surveillance systems:
- Mobotix Cameras
- Axis Cameras
- Network Cameras with MJPEG or RTSP H264 video flow

Integration of installations of other type such as:
- Interfacing with devices with MODBUS RTU communication protocol (thermal / special plants / fire / electrical meters) as the FCC-PLANTHERM, RDZ, Menerga
- Integration with air conditioning systems by Sanyo
- Integration with air conditioners by Mitsubishi
- Gateway Function to and from MODBUS-RTU

Integrated management of audio / video multi-room:
- Audiofy
- Tutondo
- Audio Matrix / video AMX multiroom, Autopatch, Kramer, Atlona (via serial interface), Gefen
- Video walls NEC, Projectors Sanyo, LG Monitor (via serial interface)
- Receivers Denon, Onkyo, Cambridge Audio (via serial or network)
- Monitoring of all devices via IR remote control IR 36kHz or 52kHz and Global Caché
- Internet of Things gateway
- Sonos
- Ethernet gateway


Version 1.2.13

Many improvements and bug fixes in this release!

Just the most important ones:
*Added possibility to block the app with FaceID either completely or parts of it
*Now you can use FaceID to automatically insert your last alarm code
*Added many new modes for roller shutters (with/without absolute position)
*Fixed thermostat management in all the possible combinations of configurations
*Added possibility to optimize memory usage to improve performances on very big projects
*Added support for animated images
*Improved doorcom functioning

Enjoy and share your comments!

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