Connect AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) to your Mac with a single click or keypress.

AirPods are great, but they don’t work quite as smoothly with Macs as they do iPhones. You can’t tell at a glance whether audio will play from the AirPods or your Mac’s built-in speaker, you have to dig into a Bluetooth submenu to connect, and then you have to go back to the menu to see when the AirPods are ready for use. ToothFairy streamlines this: just click an icon in the menu bar (or press a hotkey) to switch to the AirPods, and the icon always shows whether they’re connected.

- Works with AirPods, as well as any Bluetooth device that you can connect to your Mac: headphones, speakers, headsets, game pad controllers, keyboards, mice, etc. (HomePod is not supported, as it is not a Bluetooth audio device.)

- Click the hollow AirPods icon in the menu bar to switch to AirPods. It fills in to show they are connected and can also display a battery indicator. Now you know that it’s safe to start playing music; it won’t blast from your Mac’s internal speaker.

- Supports multiple Bluetooth audio devices; you can choose a different icon and hotkey for each.

- Get the best audio quality. macOS will normally use the SCO codec if it thinks you’re going to use the microphone. ToothFairy can ensure that it uses the higher quality AAC codec when you only care about audio output: listening to music or video or playing a game.

- Disconnect a Bluetooth device by clicking the icon (or pressing the hotkey) again, so that you can switch back to your phone. AirPods and Beats devices with an Apple W1 chip do not need to be manually disconnected, and you can set them to avoid accidental disconnections when pressing the hotkey multiple times.

- ToothFairy automatically launches at login, so it’s always there when you need it.

- Optionally hide the Dock icon so it only appears in the menu bar. With the Dock icon hidden, you can right-click (or Control-click) the menu bar icon to access the settings.

- Run a shell script when the AirPods are connected or disconnected, for example to notify you or to launch or quit another app.

- Use with your Magic Mouse or Magic Keyboard to make sure the battery level doesn’t get too low, or to quickly reconnect them after charging or if they get disconnected.

Note: ToothFairy works with devices that can be connected via the macOS Bluetooth menu. Please make sure the devices you want to connect have been paired to the system correctly before using them with ToothFairy.

“The ultimate ‘saved you a click’ app” —Dieter Bohn, The Verge

“Ideal for AirPods” —Matt Bolton, Mac|Life

“A must for Mac or MacBook owners” —Mike Peterson, AppleToolBox


Version 2.6

- Added icons for AirPods Pro, Beats X, Microsoft Surface Earbuds, and an alternate icon for a pair of regular AirPods that are positioned symmetrically rather than offset.

- Adjusted the way battery levels map to gradations in the menu bar gauge.

- Added a button to the About tab to open the ToothFairy manual.

- Worked around an issue that could prevent launching the app after using AirPlay.

- Fixed a regression where the battery level wasn’t shown if it was exactly 100%.

- Modernized the localizations.

- Reduced the size of the app.

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4.6 von 5
45 Bewertungen

45 Bewertungen

tads ,

AirPods am Mac? Ein Muss!

Eine dieser Apps, bei denen man sich fragt, wie man je ohne sie ausgekommen ist! Ich nutze meine Airpods für alle meine Gespräche jeden Tag, egal ob Telefon, Webex, Skype, etc. Vorher war die Verbindung herzustellen und die Audio-Qualität während Anrufen immer ein Problem und nie so flüssig und problemlos wie unter iOS. Aber durch ToothFairy funktioniert es jetzt einfach.

Und der Preis ist mehr als gerechtfertigt, auch wenn man sich fragen kann, warum es erst geniale Entwickler wie von C-Command braucht, um das so einfach zu gestalten. Super auch, dass eine solche App trotz Sandboxing im AppStore verkauft werden darf!

Danke an die Entwickler! Wenn euch langweilig ist, macht doch noch die UI ein bisschen hübscher! ;-)

nordikkk ,

Sehr hilfreich

Einfacher könnte es nicht sein.

Die Funktion, nur die Audioausgabe, nicht aber die Eingabe auf die AirPods zu wechseln hat mir besonders gut gefallen!

Arocks2 ,

Es hätte so schön sein können! Update: Top

Die App macht im Prinzip was sie soll, aber dafür benötigt sie ein Symbol im Dock - für so eine kleine App ein absolutes Nogo. Ein Symbol in der Statusleiste würde vollkommen ausreichen. Schade

Update: Die Option habe ich doch glatt übersehen, 5 Sterne!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

There's an option for you to hide the dock icon since the very beginning of the app. Please check the preferences.


C-Command Software, LLC
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OS X 10.11 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor


Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, Japanisch, Vereinf. Chinesisch

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