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TouchDirector ATEM Panel app to control every ATEM switcher from ATEM Mini to the ATEM Constellation in broadcast panel style.
In addition to PVW/PGM, quick macros and transition area, you can select one of the following sections:
• Audio
• HyperDeck playback control
• Aux control (up to 24 by Constellation 8K)
• Key sources control in broadcast panel style

• ATEM internal media player (up to 4 by Constellation 8K)
• SuperSource/DVEK with box animation
• WorldTally system
• Streaming/recording
• All macros
New: Macro driven animation of SuperSource boxes and also up to 4 DVE key boxes with realtime generated macros. TouchDirector is generating, sending and executing animation macros in realtime.
This revolutionary solution makes animation much smoother, for SuperSource animation in progressive formats and for DVE Key animation in broadcast quality in all progressive and interlaced formats.
(number of PIP boxes depends on ATEM type)
New: Select sources for all aux out in a broadcast panel design with customisable buttons.
New: Select sources for all upstream keys and all DSK keys in a broadcast panel design with customisable buttons.

More TouchDirector features:

• Save your Multi PIP compositions to your iCloud or other cloud services or share it with other iOS devices

• Load compositions instantly or use Quick Composition buttons to prepare your upcoming Multi PIP events, it's like having multiple SuperSources!

• Zoom up and down every single box e.g., to bring a talk guest from a discussion into front and back to the composition. Simply switch on the “single box zoom button”, and every box tapped by your finger will expand or collapse again, with just a touch on the visualised Multi PIP tool in the app!
• Send all PIP boxes out of the screen after preparing. Then bring only the background on air and all boxes with a quick composition button animated back to the screen - an amazing effect!
• Easy streaming setup for ATEM Mini Pro/ISO/Extreme with TouchDirector App for iPad. Copy and paste your streaming data and start streaming instantly without complicated XML editing.
• Monitor your stream quality with the "Streaming data rate monitor", which records the data rates every second. Export streaming protocol e.g. for your client as chart in PNG format.

• Macros, Audio control, PVW/PGM row, AUX control, worldwide Tally, Media Player control, HyperDeck control.
• PGM/PVW row is visible and switchable all the time, you can also swap PGM/PVW row to switch more comfortably on the iPad.
• Manage and start up to 100 ATEM macros arranged in 10 groups and up to 12 Quick macro buttons.
• See the audio levels live and adjust them while controlling other part of the ATEM. Audio setup popup for every channel with on/off, tie, volume and balance slider.
• See all AUX sources in one view and set them in broadcast panel style.
• Send tally to your remote camera people and connect to them with team chat.(free: max. 4 participants)
• Choose stills and clips in the ATEM integrated Media Player, tie clips with DSK or Transition (Media player 1 - 4).
• Connect 1 or 2 HyperDecks (all models) and use it as fully automated integrated media player for pre-produced clips or key-animations (use fill and key output at the HyperDeck Mini for alpha channel clips).

• Generate clip lists with mark in and out and set repeat for your clips stored on your HyperDeck and HyperDeck Mini.
• Assign your HyperDeck inputs related to their physical inputs in the Deck Assignments, also for Key and Fill.
• Control your Key and DSK pre multiplying in one view in the Key Assignment settings.
• Assign your DVEK boxes to your desired upstream key in the Key Assignment settings.
• Recording functionality, you are able to control the recording functionality of an ATEM Mini/Extreme with up to 2 connected SSDs.
• Timecode functionality: TouchDirector can now set ATEM time code type and preset time code in the new recording area.


Version 5.0.2

• Fix in WorldTally functionality sending tally information to other LS apps (WorldTally Client and TouchDirector Remote)

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

5,0 von 5
5 Bewertungen

5 Bewertungen

ankch ,

Sehr gutes Tool

Mir hilft es sehr, funktioniert mit meinem ATEM Mini pro ISO und ich würde es wieder kaufen. Danke an die Entwickler!

JehnFoto ,

Crashes when trying to connect to vMix on iOS 14.2

Hoped that i can connect to my vmix instance but when filling in the IP address of the vmix computer the app crashes.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

TouchDirector and TouchDirector Mini are apps to control Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers. They cannot control a vMix system. Check out WorldTally / TouchDirector Remote for worldwide remote control of vMix systems.

Kazdepka ,


Tolles Tool! Absolut Empfehlenswert 5 Sterne


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