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Traveler or Tourist?
Adventurer or Short term Visitor?
Art & History lover or Casual flyer?
Enjoy local festivals & ceremonies or Watch in youTube?
Nature nomad or City lover?
Wildlife wanderer or Shop hopper?
Cycling & Walking trailblazer or Follow ‘em person?
Follow local celebs & Industries or Ignore ‘em all person?
Local food connoisseur or Casual fast food diner?
Sports lover or ‘Too busy for sports’ person?
Love to Hike & Trek or Bus & Train person?
Flora lover or Skip ‘em person?
Geo & Social outlooks & regional Facts or Bored with it?
Speak native language with their accent or Your language?

Edutainment adVenture Travel World Countries App is your only choice in this whole wide world. Get your cameras ready to capture the other side of hustling locations with this best travel app. You can choose your own destinations & add them to your bucket list to view offline.

Too good to be true? Then you can download the fantastic tour apps for free & plan your trip ahead! Unveil the Veiled places, Connect with the people, know kind cultures.

There is no better app other than this to indulge in a country’s culture! No better way to make everlasting impression in the hearts of natives! If you call yourself a globetrotter, plan your itinerary & create your own travel diary to get the memories etched!

Travel World Countries App enable you with precise landmark on the detailed Map. Pin your destinations & get the routes on the Map. See them with integrated Street View.

*Art & History Aficionados- Who doesn’t want to hunt for the mysterious past? Feel part of art & history to trace down the unknown sculptures, paintings, decorative arts & much more!

*Carnivals & Festivals- Planning around a festival? Immerse in traditions & ceremonies of the location that you are craving to visit!

*Nature Nomads- Get intimate insight of the plethora of alluring spots to make your heart skip a beat!

*Spiritual Sanctuaries- Let’s bring you to the top sacred spots wherein you will surely get some memories etched!

*Wildlife Wanderings- Witness wildlife in their habitats. Delve in here to discover the wildlife spots wherein wonder & amazement will surely be followed by thrill!

*Celebrities Cells- Interested in knowing about the famous people of the diverse countries? Here you will get all the information on business tycoons, politicians, actors, actresses & more!

*Business Boulevards- Business freaks, stroll around the corporate world & head honchos!

*Transportation Hubs- How amazing it is to get all travel modes on one single platform- airports, seaports, railway stations & more.

*Cuisine- Fuel yourself up by indulging into the goodness of delicious cuisine! Know it before you relish it. You can get the recipes too & try cooking at your home.

*Events- Events of the past shape everything about a city or country! Know all with just a few clicks.

*Entertainment- Get ready movie buffs! Explore the movies based on the place you are at! You might have seen a few of those but don’t know these trivia and relation.

*Flora & Fauna- Seek through the intimate window to the natural plant & animal life. Gaze at the innumerable vegetation & species of animals! Isn’t it relaxing & fun?

*Sports- Sports freaks are going to rejoice here! Arenas, clubs, stadiums & much more to live it up!

*Geo & Socio Outlook- Exploring a country, but don’t have the basic knowledge of the place? Voila! You are at the right place. Get all the information about dialling codes, capital, official language, currency & much more!

*Facts & News- Get fascinating facts & latest news about the place on the go!

*Lingo Sense- Not knowing the language of the country you are traveling to is annoying! Learn to speak apt words & phrases to win the hearts!

*Educational Excellence- Get to know all the study hubs including universities, colleges, schools & more! Must have for students!

* EduBank- Store all the important entities in the kitty!


Version 1.1

*New improved UI.
*More country added.


Travel India
Get Full Content of India!
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Travel France
Get Full Content of France!
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Travel United Arab Emirates
Get Full Content of United Arab Emirates!
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Travel Italy
Get Full Content of Italy!
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Travel Switzerland
Get Full Content of Switzerland!
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Travel Japan
Get Full Content of Japan!
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