Universal Zoom provides you with the superpower of seeing the invisible! Discover the world around us, from the tiniest subatomic particles to the most prominent space structures known to science. Learn about the units of measurement (metric and imperial) intuitively. Let the Universal Zoom be your guide to the fascinating world of science!

Universal Zoom offers you to enjoy an incredible journey through the Universe while discovering the most exciting objects to scale in the vast range of sizes, starting from the subatomic world up to the Observable Universe. We created more than 200 objects by using real high-resolution photos where it was possible or original artwork. Easily-accessible concise information about every object with fascinating facts will keep you curious along your journey.

Learn about sizes, distances, and units of measurement, both metric and imperial, intuitively. Have fun comparing any two objects; this is the best way to comprehend the size of the objects that are beyond our vision. It's breathtaking for all ages and experience levels!

• Subatomic particles.
• Atomic nuclei, atoms, and molecules.
• Detailed chromosome and DNA structure.
• Human cells, bacteria, and viruses.
• Insects, animals, and birds.
• The largest trees on Earth.
• Famous and tallest buildings.
• Mountains.
• Orbits of the Earth satellites.
• Planets and moons of the Solar System.
• The most famous comets and asteroids.
• The Solar system structure and its location in the Milky Way.
• Stars: from the smallest neutron star to the biggest currently known.
• Milky Way neighboring galaxies, superclusters, and the observable Universe.
• Visually presented metric and imperial/US units of length.

• Rich content: more than 200 objects presented to scale.
• Units of length: pick your favorite Metric or Imperial units. Including simple or powers of ten notation.
• Stunning graphics: all objects use real high-resolution photos or original artwork.
• A unique dynamic layout that provides you with a sense of the size of every object.
• Easily accessible concise information about every object with fascinating facts.
• An audio narration for young explorers who still learn to read.
• Compare mode: discover how many times one object fits into another.
• Intuitive navigation. Just scroll or choose your destination on the Navigation Bar.
• Wikipedia access: read more about any object that fascinates you without leaving the app.
• The scale range: from the Planck Length (1.61x10-35m) to 93 billion light-years (8.8x10+26m).
• NO ads.
• NO in-app purchases.
• Available on both iOS and AppleTV with a single purchase on the AppStore.

"With this educational app, the whole family can go on a scientific expedition."

"This app is a must-have for teachers and parents of all ages. Get them interested in science, help them understand the relative size, and have fun exploring how everything compares."

"This fascinating tool, which can help kids visualize the scale and vastness of the universe, has plenty of potential for classroom use."

We continuously improve our app, and we would like to hear your feedback.
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Twitter: @gamifyitapps


Version 2.5

• We extended the narration capability to read the complete information about every object (previously, the narration covered only titles).
• The human broadcasting frontier bubble is expanding in the app now. We calculate dynamically how far the first humanity radio waves reached into space.
• New additions: Blue Whale, Tesla Model 3, and Corona Virus.
• The information and graphics of many objects have been updated.
• Various bug fixes and layout improvements.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4,9 von 5
34 Bewertungen

34 Bewertungen

Lukas Simon Schmid ,

Ganz tolle App

Die App macht super Spaß und ich kenne nichts vergleichbar gutes um Dinge zueinander ins Verhältnis zu setzten. Ist für mich manchmal wie ne Meditation. Wenn ich immer weiter ins All scrolle und der Mensch und andere Dinge, die einem groß oder übergroß vorkommen immer kleiner und kleiner werden, dann schrumpft damit auch die ein oder andere Sorge :-) Großen Dank an die Entwickler!

Rbgpixel ,


Eine richtig schön gemachte App. Absolute Kaufempfehlung. Ist denke ich für fast jede Altersklasse ab 5 Jahre bis 99 Jahre interessant! Dankeschön an die Entwickler.

Sunny3481 ,

Sehr lehrreich

Tolle App, die einem die Größenverhältnisse vom Makro und Mikrokosmos näher bringt. Ich habe oft gestaunt. Grafisch sehr gut und anschaulich umgesetzt.


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