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universe2go is an audio-visual sky guide.


SPANISH & ITALIAN: The graphical user interface is automatically switched between ENGLISH, SPANISH and ITALIAN according to the general language settings of the smartphone.

HINWEIS: deutsche Version separat im PlayStore erhältlich!
CONSEIL: édition française aussi disponible séparément au PlayStore!
universe2go has two modi:

1) Starmap-Mode: use this mode to run universe2go without the Astro-Glasses. This mode has limited functionality.

2) Planetarium-Mode: in conjunction with universe2go Astro-Glasses you experience the the starry sky in a complete new way with audio and augmented reality overlay.

How does it work?

In conjunction with the AR-Astro-Glassses (AR = augmented reality) you can see the night sky with all the stars AND at the same time you will see additional information about the stars and constellations. This way a symbiosis between the real sky and virtual graphics and text is created. universe2go will use the sensors of your smartphone to generate the corresponding information for the exact spot of the sky that you are looking at.

Maybe you are already familiar with some other starmap apps which can do this also (and some claim to do augmented reality, but fail since the smartphone camera is not capable of night sky imaging). But universe2go is very different!!!

1) universe2go uses a special algorithm and heuristics to identify the star you are looking at with high reliability. (feel free to compare this with other apps!)

2) universe2go displays the constellations the same size as the appear in the sky (other apps display them much smaller, making it hard for the beginner to do the matching between screen display and reality)

3) univers2go is fun. You get an automatically activated zoom, that will show you planets, nebulae, galaxies, satellites and much more with a mind blowing magnification many images even in 3D!!! That's super cool and fun.

universe2go has several modes so you can explore the night sky in many different ways:

1) Discovery-Mode: explore all 88 official constellations. See lines connecting the appropriate stars and listen to information describing the constellation.

2) Mythology-Mode: listen to entertaining stories about the constellations which have been told by the ancient greeks. This way you will easily learn much about the heroes of old, Gods, Beasts and beautiful princesses.

3) Deep-Sky-Mode: see images (most of the from the Hubble Space Telescope) of planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, comets, satellites in a way that would be impossible even with the best telescope. Many of them even in 3D which have been processed especially for universe2go.

4) Quiz-Mode: test your knowledge about the night sky. Find constellation that universe2go will show you.

universe2go contains more than 3 hours of excellent audio and hundreds of specially processed images. It contains the complete Hipparcos star catalogue (120.000 stars) and NGC catalogue (7.000 objects).

IMPORTANT: will need the universe2go Astro-Glasses to use the Planetariums-Mode. (see universe2go.com for getting it)

compatible iPhones: iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone5C, iPhone6, iPhone6S, iPhoneSE

Runs also on iPad (you can switch on a special simulation demo mode in the settings)


Version 2.1.7

Opitimized Sensor evaluation
Bug fix: lock in starmap mode


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