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X/Y PAL is your handsome X/Y pad MIDI controller. Control up to 8 parameters per pad. Each parameter can be configured:

- set MIDI Channel and control change message,
- set the CC value range,
- set a color and a name
- pick the MIDI output device and
- inverse the CC value mapping.

On the iPad up to 4 pads can be visible in landscape mode and up to 2 in portrait mode. On the iPhone there can be 2 pads visible and controlled at once.

Pick CC value mappings from a list of predefined devices to help create your custom pads.

CC value change is visualized using bars on the side of each pad.


- configure the X/Y Pads in the settings section
- configure each of the 8 parameters by clicking on the sidebar in the settings section
- pick from a predefined list of devices to easily set the CC value and name or just set some custom name and CC value
- set the color of the parameter by clicking on the color button
- inverse the CC value mapping by selecting the inverse button for the parameter
- select the MIDI output for each parameter
- configure the CC value range for each parameter.


Version 1.2.2

Hi MIDI fans. The X/Y PAL has been updated.

Besides couple of improvements and bug fixes we have added a requested feature: “Bounce Back”.

This allows a axis value to bounce back to MIDI CC value 0 when the finger is lifted. The thumb-cursor stay where it was before, but the value jumps back. This allows to bounce back some axis-values, but keep the value for the rest for example. We will add some other bounce back strategies in the future.
New predefined devices

## Couple of devices has been added to the “predefined devices” drop-down.

- Evolver
- JX-3P Kiwitechnics
- JX-3P Organix
- Model:Samples
- Prophet Rev2
- samuelbecker Virus TI
- SH-201
- Subsequent-25
- Waldorf Blofeld
- Waldorf Microwave II
- Behringer Crave

These "device presets" include all the known MIDI CC mappings for these devices.

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5,0 von 5
2 Bewertungen

2 Bewertungen


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