Do one health challenge at a time. Score with healthy lifetime. Earn coins. Unlock cool deals from health product and service providers. Yolife is your single-source app for everything you need to live longer in great health. From the whole picture of your lifestyle and health, you always get a challenge to improve where you have the greatest impact. Get lessons and actions in 15+ lifestyle areas, personalized and science-based. And for things an app cannot do, you find nice deals from our partners.

Working on your longevity was never so rewarding! Do it together with a friend in Tandem Challenges. Motivate each other, stay accountable, reach your health goals together. 

Bonus: If your friend joins, both of you get a free month of Yolife Premium!

Why Yolife?

Everything is connected. Body, mind, and heart are working together for your benefit. With us, you can improve lifespan by caring about different health areas (15+) like sleep, stress, exercise, and their interconnectedness.

Get a new health challenge every week! Meat-free days, 7-Minute Workout, Intermittent fasting, Evening rituals, Cold Showers… We support your change with personalized challenges and course-correction. Score with healthy lifetime and coins for completed challenges.

Whatever you do in the app makes you earn coins. Use them to unlock exclusive deals from our partners: Sports gear, healthy groceries, DNA test kits, etc., but also possibilities for environmental activism. We carefully selected them to make sure your journey beyond the app is in good hands.

Tired of looking for experts? Wasting time on research? We get you. Lessons, actions, and challenges are suggested to you based on your needs, and you can get much more life than you spend in the app.

Challenges, lessons, and actions are all personalized according to your holistic health and lifestyle profile.

More than 300 scientific research papers were translated into actions and lessons inside the app, so you are sure that you are not walking in the dark.

INSIDE Yolife App:

Choose from 3 suggested challenges in different areas of your life. Invite a friend to do it together. Execute on one and see how it influences all other areas of your life. Choose a new challenge every 2 days or every week.

Lessons and actions here are 1-60 minutes easy to learn and execute materials with longevity knowledge based on your input and recommended according to your needs.

Be it healthy food, sports gear, tracking gadgets, DNA test kits, personal trainer sessions, or supplements - here is where you find the right providers and exclusive deals that turn your earned coins into saved money.

Schedule the actions for your challenge and complement them with other recommended actions and lessons.

▸ ME
This is your profile combining the essential data like your life expectancy, amount of years in good and bad health, main areas of improvement, and how far you are in the journey.

Use the search engine to explore the topics that interest you the most and get a personalized small article as well as lessons to dive deeper.

◆ PREMIUM (7-Day Free Trial)

- Access video actions from accredited experts to turn every week into a week that makes you live longer in great health.

- 50+ Personalised lessons on topics like supplements, fasting, advanced nutrition, and many more - all personalized according to your profile.

- Personal guidelines to reach your goal.

Medical Disclaimer:
The app does not replace the opinion of a doctor. Please seek a doctor's advice in addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions.

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Version 7.2

Longevity and Health Improvement don’t have to be lonesome activities: With this release we give you the option to do Tandem Challenges! Invite a friend to do a health challenge together. Motivate each other, stay accountable, reach your health goals together. 

Bonus: If your friend accepts the invitation, both of you get a free month of Yolife Premium!

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

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29 Bewertungen

29 Bewertungen

zEeoN ,

You need to do the work but it’s worth it

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to move out of their comfort zone and especially being a bit more healthy is often a nuisance, as that naturally means cutting down on what is often already habitual behavior. With this app you still need to put in the work but it’s amazing to get taken by the hand and shown where to start. You get actionable improvement suggestions that are proven to work from the get go and that is just so much better than being lost in an endless sea of guides that seemingly contradict each other, don’t apply to you, etc.

I like it and even though/maybe even because I am a lazy person, anything is more than I did before. Especially having that feeling that it would actually benefit me specifically is great because the advice is tailored to my situation. This way I know putting up with conquering my bad behavior is worth it. Thank you for bothering me :)

yve_ohne ,

Nice and playful way to improve your health

I wasn’t aware about you the amount of things that I can do to live a longer life. At the beginning I found it a bit irritating that an app tells me the years of life that I have and how to improve it. But since I saw this number just as a playful score number it’s actually quite fun. 😀💪🏼💪🏼

guest18684 ,

Strengthening good habits

Very useful and user friendly! I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, if my motivation really lasts over time - you know how it is with all the New Year's resolutions. But thanks to the great spectrum from Yolife it is really easy to strengthen my good habits bit by bit and to be happy about the progress. Great offers and information!


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