Get your lifespan estimation with a science-backed Yolife app helping you to live longer in great health. Combining more than 15 health areas, our AI-driven app creates a personalized Action Plan and helps You with the execution. Now updated with Actions created by Health and Lifestyle Experts.

Life extension just got easier!

Why Yolife?

Everything is connected. Body, mind, and heart are working together for Your benefit. With us, You can improve lifespan by caring about different health areas (15+) like sleep, stress, exercise, and their interconnectedness.

Get a healthy Action Plan for your week! Intermittent fasting, drinking water, exercises… We support Your change with personalized suggestions and course-correction. Score with a healthy lifetime for completed Actions, created by our Experts Team.

Tired of looking for experts? Wasting time on research? We get You. Lessons and Actions are suggested to You based on Your needs, and You can get much more life than You spend in the app.

You improve Your life expectancy by working on selected goals (8 to choose from) at Your own pace. Lose weight, gain muscles, or healthily reduce stress. Experts from various fields will supply you with Actions.

All elements in the app are personalized to give you the perfect and optimized longevity experience. After the questionnaire, You are getting Your life expectancy score, and it is being updated with every positive or negative behavior. Actions from Experts are also personalized!

More than 300 scientific research papers were translated into actions and lessons inside the app, so you are sure that you are not walking in the dark. You can also access the actions and lessons by using the search and suggest new topics to include.

INSIDE Yolife App:

Lessons and actions here are 1-60 minutes easy to learn and execute materials with longevity knowledge based on your input and recommended according to your needs. Topics vary from Exercise, Yoga, Supplements, to Purpose, and Relationships.

▸ DO
Guidelines provided by the app will show You the direction of Your change. According to Your answers, AI counts how often you should skip meat, undertake vigorous exercise, or what is your water intake.
Personalized Action Plan, created in cooperation with Health Experts, helps you with execution as you can map your whole week, hour by hour, and the notifications will help you remember. For every health-positive behavior, Your number of years in good health is increasing!

▸ ME
This is Your profile combining the essential data like Your life expectancy, amount of years in good and bad health, main areas of improvement, and how far You are in the journey.
Learn about yourself and track your progress with Achievements.

Use the search engine to explore the topics that interest You the most and are important for Your longevity.

▸ PREMIUM (7-day free trial)

Get your personal subscription to a longer, healthier life!

For the users that want a full life extension experience, we offer a unique PREMIUM plan that includes:
- access to Actions created by our Experts
- continually changing and adapting personalized Action Plan *in a free-plan, you can plan the first few days followed by a Reflection
- additional 50+ Premium sessions about topics like supplements, fasting, advanced nutrition, and much more
- Goal Guidelines


This is the best time to start caring about Your healthy lifespan. The knowledge you need is at arms reach and accessible through Your smartphone, so begin your longevity journey today! Get the Action Plan. Increase your life expectancy!

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Version 4.9

With Yolife, you subscribe to a longer life in great health. In this version, you can now also log in with your Apple account. Then, we give you the option to be notified of new actions and lessons for every day of the lifestyle week: Nutritious Monday, Moving Tuesday, Mindful Wednesday, Sleepy Thursday, Conscious Friday, Loving Saturday, and Meaningful Sunday. Enjoy!

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

5.0 von 5
27 Bewertungen

27 Bewertungen

zEeoN ,

You need to do the work but it’s worth it

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to move out of their comfort zone and especially being a bit more healthy is often a nuisance, as that naturally means cutting down on what is often already habitual behavior. With this app you still need to put in the work but it’s amazing to get taken by the hand and shown where to start. You get actionable improvement suggestions that are proven to work from the get go and that is just so much better than being lost in an endless sea of guides that seemingly contradict each other, don’t apply to you, etc.

I like it and even though/maybe even because I am a lazy person, anything is more than I did before. Especially having that feeling that it would actually benefit me specifically is great because the advice is tailored to my situation. This way I know putting up with conquering my bad behavior is worth it. Thank you for bothering me :)

yve_ohne ,

Nice and playful way to improve your health

I wasn’t aware about you the amount of things that I can do to live a longer life. At the beginning I found it a bit irritating that an app tells me the years of life that I have and how to improve it. But since I saw this number just as a playful score number it’s actually quite fun. 😀💪🏼💪🏼

guest18684 ,

Strengthening good habits

Very useful and user friendly! I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, if my motivation really lasts over time - you know how it is with all the New Year's resolutions. But thanks to the great spectrum from Yolife it is really easy to strengthen my good habits bit by bit and to be happy about the progress. Great offers and information!


Yolife GmbH
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Erfordert iOS 9.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



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  3. Monthly 9,99 €


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