Be an Office Hero

In Apple’s new short film Underdogs, a scrappy team of colleagues manages to pull together a high-stakes presentation in two short days using a suite of apps for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

This is Apple at work.

Check out the film, marvel at their innovation (a circular pizza box!), and read on to see how you can channel their can-do spirit.

Mark up a photo

Import images into the Notes app to combine text, photos, and illustrations to get your idea across.

With iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, annotate and draw right over an image.

In the Notes app, simply create a new note or open an existing one, tap the plus sign, then select a photo from your library. To start annotating, tap the photo followed by the pen icon that appears.

A number of other apps let you annotate your images. Here are a few of our favorites.


    Fast alles schnell notieren


    Nebo – Notizen besser machen

    Notizen machen, bearbeiten





    Flexcil - PDF, Notizen, Memo

    Note-taking & markup for study



    Notize und Anmerkungen


    PDF Expert 7: PDF bearbeiten

    Die ultimative PDF-App


    GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer

    Dokumente Lesen & Bearbeiten


Collaborate seamlessly across Mac and PC

Microsoft Excel lets you collaborate across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.

You’re on your iPad. Your coworker is on their PC.

No sweat.

With Microsoft Excel and other apps in the Office 365 suite, the two of you can easily edit the same document.

Office 365 apps have been completely rewritten and now share the same code base across macOS, Windows, and iOS. Which means your files always look great when edited across devices. The look, feel, and formatting all stay the same.

There’s another handy feature found on Office apps for iPhone and iPad—including Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

It's called Ink, and it’s an easy way to convert hand-drawn shapes into smooth graphics. Your Apple Pencil makes highlighting spreadsheets and documents feel especially natural.

    Microsoft Excel



    Microsoft Word

    Dokumente erstellen und teilen


    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Präsentationen erstellen


3D modeling is easier than it seems

Create a detailed 3D model with Shapr3D and view it in AR.

Sometimes an idea needs to be seen to be fully understood.

When that’s the case, check out Shapr3D, which lets you easily create 3D models on your iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve made, view a true-to-scale rendering in your own environment in augmented reality (AR).

Share your creation by email with your colleagues and they’ll be able to see the 3D model in AR on their iPhone and iPad without having to download any other apps.

Shapr3D lets you import blueprints and hand-drawn sketches to get your 3D model started. And it uses the Apple Pencil’s precision and pressure sensitivity to extrude, rotate, shell, sweep, and draw vertices and faces. (C’mon, you know you’ve always wanted to extrude something.)

You can also import and export other industry-standard formats (like STEP, IGES, OBJ, and X_T) and from a bevy of apps (like Fusion, Inventor, SketchUp, Solidworks). You can even export your design as an STL file to many 3D printers.

Also check out uMake and Morpholio Trace, two other CAD apps we love that let you see your creations in AR.

    Shapr: 3D-Modellierungs-CAD

    Skizze und Design in 3D


    uMake - 3D CAD-Modellierung

    3D-Skizze, Zeichnung & Design


    Morpholio Trace - Skizze CAD

    Design & Architektur Zeichnung