Physics experiments on your iPhone.


Physical Phone Experiments


How cool would it be to carry a sonar in your pocket, wherever you go? News flash: you already do. Phyphox helps you access the many, many sensors within your iPhone to carry out experiments and make sense of the data. Measure how fast that lift in your building is, or how loud your alarm really goes, all with this one multi-faceted app.

What we love: The science behind Phyphox. Try out the app’s many experiments to learn more about different physics phenomena, such as the Doppler effect or the loss of energy when a ball bounces.

Turn your phone into an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a sonar and more.

Quick tip: The app allows remote access via your computer. So if you want to use the data from your experiment directly on your computer, you can simply access and control the app from your browser.

Meet the creator: Phyphox was developed by students at the RWTH Aachen University and is open source. This means that anyone can look at the code and maybe even make their own version of it, or share experiments that have been carried out with Phyphox.