50 Pullups Be Stronger is a training program which will help you develop your strength and physique.

Be stronger - this is your own home trainer for pullups, pushups, squats and abs.
- list of programs for training
- timer for rest
- quick statistic
- achievements
- table of other players
- cloud service for statistic
- notifications for training

1. Do the test.(max pullups as you can). Choose a training cycle based on your test results. For example, if you've done 7 pullups, you start our program from the 6-8 cycle.
2. Remember to rest between training sessions for at least one day, and after 3 sessions for at least 2 days.
3. If during a cycle you weren't able to do all sets of pullups for a given day, don't worry. Rest for 2 or 3 days and then try again.
4. After finishing a cycle rest for at least 2 days before you do another test.
5. After a 2 day break start your next training cycle.
6. Follow the above instructions until you reach the last cycle (more than 40 pullups). When you reach the last cycle, you will be in a very good shape and you will be able to try to do 50 pullups.
7. After finishing the last training cycle take a break, relax for a couple of days and then do the test again. This time there's a big chance that you will reach 50 pullups. If not, don't worry. Do the last cycle again, and repeat again.
Good luck!


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