This app is all about showing you the ways of music, helping you in composing your own music, and understanding how to get exactly the sound and groove that you as a musician are looking for.

It can also be used for guidance in constructing usable training exercises containing 20+ different chord types, input to ear-training, improvisation suggestions etc.

But most importantly, this App will show you the importance of choosing the right combination of chords, in order to get the desired tuning of your melody.

Experiment with it. Make your own melodies. Have fun with it. And if you are not already playing an instrument, start now. It’s never too late. And this App will help you getting up to speed and be your travel guide on the Ways of Music.

Regardless of whether you are a piano, keyboard, guitar or bass player, this app is for you. You are in the drivers seat.

The app can be use for many purposes. It will help you, if you are a music composer. It can be you best friend, if you are looking to find out, why chord-progressions sound the way the do.

Experimenting with this app will most likely boost you playing in many ways, and if you are a beginner, this app offers the ultimate training partner. By learning the relationships between the different chord types, you'll be able to invent your own training exercises, and at the same time have a clear understanding of why it sounds the way it does, and how it can be used in you song-writing.

The app knows 25 chords. Yes, it sounds overwhelming, and it is. And that is why the app allows you to select which subset of chords to use in your composing. And if you then add some melody tuning restrictions that means that your music spans both tension and release movement, then you could actually end up in a situation where there are only a very few chord progression possibilities left. But don't worry. This app will help you, finding the ways of your music.

This app focuses on stacking chords and notes, one after the other, in a sequence, without having to confine the selection to match a specific melody-note.

If you instead are looking for the perfect accompaniment to a melody that you have already composed, you might wanna have a look at another app available on App Store, called Ways of Music. Same chords-set, same understanding of music, but takes off from an initially entered melody.


Version 4.0

Chord filter have been introduced, to make it easier to get overview of the current chord options.

Chord configurations have been updated, to emphasize a more clear distinction between green, blue, magenta and yellow moods.

New chord type now also included in the chord list: 7#9 chord.

Changed the chords grouping, to keep similar chords within same group.

Minor bug fixes.


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