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Plum Safety Reminder is a simple and efficient tool for managing expiration dates. With an intuitive design,
the app is developed to make life easier for employees who are responsible for keeping track of safety
products. A part of this responsibility is making sure products are ready for use and up to date. Plum Safety
Reminder will help this process by giving a complete overview of registered products with few simple steps.

Features of the Plum Safety Reminder:

- Free account
- Simple and efficient management of expiration dates
- Simple to set up and easy to use
- Automatic email alerts for your purchasing responsible
- Manage multiple locations and dealers in one account
- Automatically adapts to your language and time zone
- Scan Plum Safety products and automatically load information
- Scan other products and be reminded of expiration or service intervals
- Log function for inspections per location
- Report accident with few simple steps

Just like the design of the app is developed for optimizing safety, so are the functions. Once products are
registered, enable automatic email alerts to avoid expired products. Add as many dealers and locations as
you need to get a complete overview of products. Scan Plum products to automatically load product
details. Scan any other product, register manually, and be reminded of expiry or service intervals. Use the
log functions for quick and easy control of expiry dates and product condition.
The app is currently available in four languages: English, French, German and Danish. It is available for
global use and automatically adapts to your language and time zone.
Setup up your free account and get a quick overview of unlimited products, efficient log inspections and
auto notifications.


Version 1.3

In addition to an already awesome product, it is now possible to report accidents. Stay safe!


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