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Sleep better and wake up rested with Sleep Cycle’s smart alarm clock. It analyzes your sleep patterns and detects snoring, sleep talking, coughing and other sounds.

Start your day feeling energized with Sleep Cycle’s intelligent alarm clock, designed to gently wake you up while you’re in your lightest sleep phase. Plus, you’ll get a detailed analysis as our sleep tracker monitors your bedtime patterns from the moment your head hits the pillow, and access to premium features including relaxing sleep sounds and story library


1. Gently does it - Waking you up while you’re in a light sleep is the natural way to wake up.

2. Understand your sleep - Learn about your bedtime patterns with detailed sleep tracking and analyses.

3. Nothing under your pillow or to wear on your body - Simply turn Sleep Cycle on before going to bed and place your device on your nightstand or close by on the floor. Sleep Cycle uses sound analysis to identify sleep states, using your microphone as a sleep recorder, tracking your movements in bed.

Understanding your sleeping patterns means you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. Download the Sleep Cycle app today for the easiest way to get a good night's sleep.


√ Sleep analysis with Sleep Cycle patented sound technology or accelerometer

√ Detailed sleep statistics and daily sleep graphs

√ Fully integrated with Apple Health, exchanging sleep analysis

√ Carefully selected alarm melodies

√ Snooze by shaking or double tapping the phone lightly

√ Customizable wake-up window. From instant (regular alarm clock), up to 45 minutes

√ Sound recorder & Trends - Capture snoring, sleep talking and other sounds and view your trends

√ New! Who’s snoring? Know if it is you or a partner snoring for a more accurate sleep analysis

√ Cough Radar & Coughing - Track and compare your nightly coughing levels with local data to make informed decisions for your health

√ Sleep Aid - our library of sleep stories, relaxation guides and calm sleep sounds specially designed to help you fall asleep easier. (Mindfulness & meditation)

√ Trends – gather long-term trends on your sleep patterns

√ Comparison Data - Compare your sleep patterns to world sleep statistics

√ Weather & Sleep - See how different types of weather affect your sleep quality

√ Sleep Notes - See how events such as drinking coffee, stress, working out or eating late affect your sleep quality

√ Wake-up Mood - See how Sleep Cycle affects your wake-up mood over time

√ Online Backup - Lets you secure your sleep data online

√ Data Export – Download sleep data to Excel for detailed analysis

√ Philips HUE Light Bulb Support - Simulate a natural sunrise to give you an even softer wake-up


Ability to charge your phone by the bed.
Ability to place your phone near the bed, such as on a nightstand table or on the floor.


The Premium subscription will be charged from your iTunes account after the purchase. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours before the subscription period ends with the same kind of subscription you already bought at the same price. To avoid automatic renewal, you must cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before it expires. You can manage or cancel your auto-renewable subscription by entering the user settings in iTunes after the purchase. It's not possible to abort the subscription during the time it's active. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase the premium subscription.

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Version 6.24.26

Bug fixes and improvements.

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8,6 t vurderinger

Redaktionens udvalgte

Har du lyst til smadre vækkeuret ind i væggen hver morgen? Det er ikke dig, der er problemet, det er dit vækkeur! Heldigvis har Sleep Cycle en smart løsning. I stedet for at flå dig ud af drømmeland på et bestemt tidspunkt, analyserer appen dine søvnmønstre og vælger det øjeblik, hvor du sover lettest (inden for et tidsrum på en halv time, som du selv definerer) til at vække dig blidt. Det bedste af det hele er, at dette vækkeur – modsat nogle andre smarte vækkeure – ikke har brug for ekstra hardware eller kræver, at din enhed ligger på sengen: Det registrerer din søvn ved brug af mikrofonen!

Shewollf ,

Potentially great app

..what mostly kills it for me, is the lack of ‘one time payment’ - the app is going for the half expensive subscription.

But still, you can use the alarm and get an overview of your night, without subscribing and with no trial period - which is great! - but if you want to check out the saved audio, you’ve got to pay up. And it doesn’t seem like you can turn off the recording.
So I’m wondering how much space it’ll take up in the long run.

Exetic ,

Great app, but why remove Apple Watch support?

I love this app, and have been using it daily for years. It used to be especially great on Apple watch, but for some reason, they do not support it anymore. What a shame.

All in all, great app, but I’m really missing the Apple watch support.



Sleep Cycle Premium
Sleep Cycle Premium
Unlock all sleep aids, snore detection & more
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