Music has the power to create strong sensations in the hearts and minds of the listeners, and I'm sure you have experienced this yourself. It seems like magic, and it is.

But there is also a kind of scientific side to it, that will only prevail to you, if you are a musician and are curios about understanding the essence of the musical mechanisms involved.

A simple melody can be transformed to a joyful, mellow, odd-sounding or even boring tune, depending on what chords the melody is accompanied with. Of course, rhythms, beat, instrument timbre and other characteristics of the tune also each plays their part. But in the center of it all, is the tunes polyphony, determined by the chord-progression driving the flow of the melody.

This app will help you navigate the ways of music.

Regardless of whether you are a piano, keyboard, guitar or bass player, this app is for you. You are in the drivers seat, you enter the melody notes of your favorite song, and the app Composer panel then helps with suggestions on which chords to use. And the Composer will visualize the kind of sensation that the chord progression will result in.

The app can be use for many purposes. It will help you, if you are a music composer. It can be you best friend, if you are looking to find out, why chord-progressions sound the way the do. And it will show you alternatives, if you want to make you own variation of a known song.
The will most likely boost you playing in many ways, and if you are a beginner, this app offers the ultimate training partner. By learning the relationships between the different chord types, you'll be able to invent your own training exercises, and at the same time have a clear understanding of why it sounds the way it does, and what it therefore can do for you music playing.

The app knows 25 chords, which means that for each melody-note, there exists 86 different chords to choose from. Yes, it sounds overwhelming, and it is. And that is why the app allows you to select which subset of chords to use in your composing. And if you then add some melody tuning restrictions that means that your music spans both tension and release movement, then you could actually end up in a situation where there are only a very few chord progression possibilities left. But don't worry. This app will help you, finding the ways of your music.



Version 4.0

Chord configurations have been updated, to emphasize a more clear distinction between green, blue, magenta and yellow moods.

New chord type now also included in the chord list: 7#9 chord.

Changed the chords grouping, to keep similar chords within same group.


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