Are you faster than F1 star Pierre Gasly?

The Formula 1 star has set a lap time in F1 Mobile Racing, can you beat it?

F1 Mobile Racing

2020 Official Formula 1 Game


Opportunity. That’s all that prevented you from being a globe-trotting Formula 1 World Champion, right?

Well, now is your chance to prove yourself and put your racing skills to the test against the best in the world.

While F1 Mobile Racing lets you compete in live play-v-player duels with other budding racers around the world, we’ve taken things to the next level.

Can you beat Gasly’s blisteringly quick time in F1 Mobile Racing?

Having headed over to the team’s headquarters, we caught up with new Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly and asked the F1 star to set a lap time within the game using his 2018 Toro Rosso.

But just how fast was the young Frenchman?

With Gasly having proudly declared “I’m pretty happy with that lap time” as he crossed the virtual finish line, you know the challenge is going to be a big one.

His crucial lap time, and the mark you have to beat; a frighteningly fast 1 minute, 30.28 seconds.

Set around Silverstone with all the abilities of a League 7 car and all the driver assists turned off, the gauntlet has been through down to all wannabe racers.

So, are you faster than Pierre Gasly? To find out, download F1 Mobile Racing, set a lap time. It’s not every day you have the chance to beat an F1 driver in a race.

    F1 Mobile Racing

    2020 Official Formula 1 Game


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