Master your schedule

With these 4 apps, you can organise your entire life. Really.

You’ve got a big meeting with the boss. You’ve got the kids’ football match. You’ve got a doctor’s appointment to get to, not to mention fixing that flat tyre – and your friend’s birthday party.

In a cosmos of chaos, how is it possible to keep life on schedule?

These four apps will do the trick. Each brings a particular strength for a particular lifestyle. Choose the app that’ll best keep your (numerous) personal trains running on time.


A stressful schedule can look a lot more relaxed when presented in a beautiful familiar format. Aficionados of Moleskine planners and notebooks will love this smart app, which sports the same clean design.

Until Timepage, you never knew how handy a weather report in your calendar would be.

It’s not all about beauty, though. Timepage integrates weather forecasts, maps, contacts, ride-sharing platforms (like Uber) and other useful info.

And you can opt for more complex features. Use the monthly heat-map view to see your free time at a glance, and Spotlight search to locate calendar events without opening the app. Think of Timepage as a smart calendar whose elegance and intelligence somehow manage to smooth the wrinkles in time.

    Timepage by Moleskine Studio

    The essential planner app



This 2018 Apple Design Award Winner is a note-taking app with calendar-like tendencies. It organises notes in a novel manner – chronologically – which makes it perfect for those juggling multiple projects and countless activities.

Make your notes work harder for you with Agenda. Integrate them with calendars and to-do lists to track projects.

Instead of having to rummage through folders or search keywords, you can see notes across different projects sensibly displayed on a timeline called On the Agenda (there’s also one for Today). Just tag each note with a date or attach it to a calendar event.

Notes are beautifully styled and can easily be transformed into HTML or Markdown formats. iCloud syncing guarantees that everything is always identical on every Apple device you own.


    Date-focused note taking


Fantastical 2

Too busy to scribble? This 2015 Apple Design Award winner lets you add calendar events with just your voice. Using natural language (“Doctor’s appointment next Wednesday at 2”), easily create events and reminders, then share your schedule with others.

View a whole month as well as your daily grind in one neatly organised screen in Fantastical 2.

Fantastical keeps multiple calendar accounts and connects with Calendar and Reminders on iOS. Siri Shortcuts lets you quickly create events from the contents in your clipboard.

    Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks

    Plan your day perfectly



With Picniic you can see a shared family calendar, to-do lists, special occasions and more with real-time location tracking of each family member. See who’s at footie practice, who’s in a guitar lesson and when everyone will finally be home for dinner.

Know where your family is at all times with Picniic. Get alerts when they arrive at or leave designated locations.

Other features include recipe planners, shared shopping lists and an info locker for medical, insurance or emergency documentation.

Picniic’s voice-controlled personal assistant, Pia, lets you add calendar events, reminders and updates verbally. And the latest update integrates Siri, so you can ask it to add groceries directly to your in-app shopping list.

    Family Organizer by Picniic

    Shared Family Calendar & Lists