Who’s Captain Marvel? You are!

Be the high-flying hero in games celebrating her new film.

Captain Marvel has arrived! To commemorate Marvel’s blockbuster movie, the cosmic warrior has also come to five great games. Here’s what to expect from adventures that take her “higher, further, faster” mantra to a whole new level.

Space brawls

Those mighty uppercuts feel right at home in Contest of Champions.

Until April 6, Marvel Contest of Champions features an exciting new story quest pitting players against a looming Skrull invasion. The fast-paced fighting game is adding two unlockable champions: Nick Fury (who calls down a Helicarrier strike) and the film version of Captain Marvel (whose third special move launches foes into orbit).

    MARVEL Contest of Champions

    Super Hero Fighting Game


Kree for all

The Captain gives Strike Force teams some serious firepower.

Captain Marvel joins Marvel Strike Force as one of two new playable characters (to unlock her, just reach daily milestones). You’ll meet the other – Kree healer Minn-Erva – in a new story campaign (available until March 12) that sends her, Ronan, and his Kree minions to defend a besieged Helicarrier.

Good news for fans of Ronan and crew: as part of this squad-based strategy game’s recent update, its creator has given these characters a long-requested power boost.

    MARVEL Strike Force

    MARVEL Heroes & Villains Await


Can’t forget her pet

Look out, Battle Lines baddies: this hero’s ready for you.

Over the next few weeks, Marvel Battle Lines is adding a bunch of new cards based on Captain Marvel characters – including Nick Fury, Ronan, Captain Marvel and Goose the Cat (!) – giving your deck plenty of photonic flair.

And the game just introduced a Special Ops: Very Hard mode to challenge pro players. In late March it will incorporate a new Laboratory System, where players can test unreleased cards.

    MARVEL Battle Lines

    Super Hero Card Game


Alien shenanigans

Future Fight players who recruit Captain Marvel will laugh at enemy health bars.

Look out, Earth: Marvel Future Fight’s newest legendary battle teams Captain Marvel with Nick Fury to save our planet from the Kree and Skrull empires. Expect tense boss fights with movie characters Talos, Ronan, Minn-Erva and Korath. Those last two (along with Fury) join this action-packed adventure as playable characters.

    MARVEL Future Fight

    Assemble your team of Heroes


Star chase

Tile matching goes galactic when Carol Danvers comes to Puzzle Quest.

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s colour-matching fun hits outer space in ‘Cosmic Chaos’, a story event running from March 11.

Searching for a dangerous object, you and Captain Marvel will travel from Avengers Tower to the distant port of Knowhere, rescuing heroes and battling bosses along the way. Talos and Captain Marvel (Galactic Warrior) debut as playable characters, and until March 23 you can duel other players in special movie-themed versus events.

    MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

    Super Fight PvP: Match 3 Games