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Until the day receiving an air drop, all of the world. Adapter compensation will continue Blockchain rich life, addapter

Read the information and get the rewards! Vote and get rewards! Evaluate and get rewards! Get involved and get rewards! Holding and get rewards!

■ Real-Time Global News and Information
· Read the Blockchain Specialized Global News and set aside rewards.
· Translated and provided global local news that has not been seen until now.
· Reading alone, voting alone, will give you a sweet reward.

■Complete Coin Analysis of Blockchain Professionals
· Even a beginner who entered Coin.
· Even an expert with a knowledge of the coin.
· Practice ‘Coin Knowledge Sharing' where you can be rich.

■ Speedy public good news
· For you who have a short personality, I'm sending you the fastest news of good fortune in the world.
· Check out more than 200 coin news around the world at once.
· Estimate the market price by evaluating (rising/falling) the good news.

■ daily project airdrops
· Participate in advance questions and coin GET!
· Participate in Live AMAs and coin GET!
· Undo the AMA quiz and coin GET!
· Coins who freely share everything will be here soon.

■ Encrypted wallet with strong security
· Ethereum ERC20 Encrypts ERC20 Ease of deposit easily.
· Enjoy ample rewards with adapter coin holding alone.

-Major Crypto Currency
About News From .. BTC , ETH , XRP , BCH , LTC , EOS, XTM, TRX , ADA , IOTA , NEO , MAKER , ONT , iCON

-Cryptocurrency exchange
About Listing News From .. Binance, Huobi , CoinEx , OKEx, Upbit, Bitmax , BitThumb , Coinone

※ Permission to Apps

[Essential Permission]
- Not exist
[Optional Permission]
- Camera : Selectively used to scan QR codes. - Storage space: Optional use for user photo registration. - Phone, Address book: Selectively used for personal information utilization.

Contact information


Versión 3.3.6

- UI Renewal
- Added advertising for reimbursement
- Bug Fixed


SINEST Corporation
78.2 MB

Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Coreano, Inglés



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