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The Amway Europe Events App is a simple, convenient way to have instant access to the latest event details, times, locations and activities.

Stay Updated On The Go!
[+] Make the most of every event experience with the new Amway Europe Events app.
[+] Quick, convenient and easy to use, this handy little app provides downloadable Event Guides bursting with information, to use online or offline.
[+] Browse interactive maps, link to session content and check out information on exhibitions, demos and social activities at-a-glance!
[+] Instantly create calendar schedules with alerts, set up to-do lists and receive notifications on updates to event information.
[+] With everything fully synced to keep details up to date on your phone, tablet and PC, you're ready to cover every event like a pro!

Prepare - download Event Guides to review all event information and session details, online or offline
Plan - check locations, session times and social activities.
Go Pro - Select and confirm your choice for instant calendar scheduling with alerts, set up to-do lists and manage your meetings


Versión 1.4.9

- Fixed bugs in Schedule and Surveys
- Session discussions are now separated from the Interact feed
- 'Log in with a password instead' is now accessible by all invite-only guide users
- Add video support on sessions

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador (Amway GmbH) no ofreció detalles sobre sus prácticas de privacidad y el envío de datos a Apple. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

No se proporcionaron detalles

El desarrollador tendrá que proporcionar detalles sobre la privacidad cuando envíe su próxima actualización de app.


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