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Now with the Bankin app, you can easily pay to anyone without cash or cards from your mobile device. Sending or receiving money from this Mobile Payment Solution is quite hassle-free. Bankin is a unique mobile payment system which is created with a mission to provide its users with a real smart mobile payment solution for fast, simple, and secure payments both online and person to person.
Bankin is one of the Cost-Effective Payment Solutions that enables users to pay without cash or credit cards. Through this unique mobile payment solution, users can with no trouble pay using their mobile device or PC. This Secure Mobile Payments System also offers you with QR code through which you can make payment. The app allows sending or requesting money right away and also allows quick money transfer from the user‘s bank account to the smartphone.
The app works on low internet connectivity as well. It needs no such internet connectivity to make payment through the Bankin application, thus making it user friendly even in the remote areas. With this app you only need is QR code for making the payment. Simply scan the QR code of your receiver and send the preferred amount directly to their account. The app automatically deducts the selected amount from your Bankin account.
Simply, Bankin is an electronic mobile wallet app for FIAT that allows cash payments more resourcefully and without questioning the constancy of the device. This Cashless Payment Application It also provides both retailers and bank account holders with wide and money-making solutions.
What is the Bankin app?
• Modern independent payment system
• Electronic wallet for FIAT
• Face to Face payments w/ QR codes
• Instant Currency exchange
• Payments in restaurants, hotels, taxis between people and so on Bankin delivers increased security
The entire payment system is secured by the highest degree of protection commonly used in electronic banking. Employees even bring an additional protection system. In case of phone loss or a printed ticket with a unique QR code, the account or QR code could be locked.
How do I join the Bankin payment system?
Create an account at Alternatively, just fill the inquiry form or call the operator at +421 915 161616 today to know more about the app.

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