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To meet urgent hygiene and quality control requirements for your staff, customers, and health inspectors you have chosen the most complete, fail safe and verifiable verification and auditing platform in the industry.
Our platform and programs are unique; Eagling Vision empowers remote hygiene and quality audits over our image auditing platform and services from any phone or computer anywhere in the world.
The APP synchronizes with a deep suite of reports. Our unique virtual hygiene and quality Inspection audit portal supports checking and auditing all on site activity from a phone or computer anywhere.
The off-premise hygiene and quality control reviews can be outsourced to Eagling Vision or a preferred trusted consultant or reviewed by in house supervisors and auditors.
The Eagling Vision image audit system is based on a library of your reference images that show the ideal and desired state of a hygiene point or activity or quality control point like cleanliness of floors, windows, food plating, bathrooms etc.
The one-time processes to set up and configure the hygiene and quality control points can be done by the user or our services department or an independent service provider.
First one configures users. There are three user levels.
The Manager supervises the configuration of the Locations and sub Location (i.e. main lobby + men’s bathroom) where the inspections will be required. We recommend locations are combined with the Eagling QR code; simply by scanning the QR code wherever there is an inspection point, you will see the latest time stamped and detailed inspections and confirmation photos. Scanning the codes give you instantaneous Location identification.
After setting the Locations, the Hygiene points or Questions are entered into an Inspection Template. The Template also supports entering a choice of responses or comments. We also recommend taking the Reference picture that shows the desired condition for each Inspection Question or Hygiene protocol. This completes the one time set up process.
The Manager is then prepared to Schedule an Inspection simply by selecting the location of the inspection and the Inspection Template, next the Inspector responsible for the Inspection is selected from a drop down and then the date, time and frequency are selected. This completes the allocation of Inspections.
The inspector is notified with a phone alert when he receives the Inspection order. When the Inspector opens the order he quickly responds to each Question or Control point by selecting a Status color, and selecting or entering a Response, optionally the Inspector can take a confirmation picture that is matched to the reference picture. If there is an issue the inspector sends it to the relative department or person who is tasked with the repair. This completes the inspection process.
The Employee tasked with repairing an issue is notified in their phone. When they complete the repair and select a color status and can enter a comment and are required to confirm with a photo. If all is okay this completes the repair cycle. If there is still an open issue a status less than Green results in the Repair being cycled back to the Inspector.
By touching an Alert icon in the APP, Managers and Inspectors can track issues as they make their way through the repair cycle.
On the fly inspections are supported in the APP, this enables managers walking a premise to do their own inspections and send the results to an Inspector or Employee for attention or repair.
Every action in the APP is logged to the reporting platform on the Cloud. Reports can be accessed by logging in on www.eaglingvision.com once your organization is registered in the system.


Versión 1.0.4

Thank you for using EVI. We update our application regularly to make your experience even better. In this release:
- Minor bug fixes

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