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DTVGameControl reinvented the bar And restaurant control system. DTVGameControl forever changed the idea of what is possible, and more importantly, what is expected. SwitchItUp aims to reinvent matrix control in the same way. Leveraging many of the same principles and technologies, SwitchItUp will set the bar higher than ever imagined.

Using the same intuitive setup and floorplan control of DTVGameControl, taking control of your matrix, multiple video walls and video tiling is just a tap away. SwitchItUp fully supports manufacture specific features, enhancing the user experience, and take full advantage of what their systems have to offer. SwitchItUp controls over eleven industry leading matrix systems, from legacy analog systems, to the latest IP based Matrixes from WyreStorm and Video Storm, and cutting edge 4K systems from Just Add Power.

Of course, controlling video is not SwitchItUp’s only concern, support for industry standard audio processors is included. Control of the video source devices is handled via SwitchItUp’s integrated GlobalCache IR library, or their native iPad App.

Let SwitchItUp, Take Control.

SwitchItUp Supported Matrix Manufacturers
Just Add Power
Video Storm
Sierra Video
Audio Authority

SwitchItUp Supported Audio Controller Manufacturers
Video Storm
BSS Audio BLU 100
Video Storm CMX


Versión 1.04

Further iOS 11 Interface tweaks

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