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This app. is Morse-code decoder, "Valiance Backbone for CW (VBC)" . The VBC is Morse-code decoder which can be used with built-in microphone of iPhone/iPod touch. 
The VBC is No.1 morse decoder in Japanese market[at 1.1.2014-5.5.2016]. Please use real transceiver sound. The VBC is able to decode with real-carrier-detection on world fastest FFT . This FFT is effective to avoid static electro-noise, voice, beep sound[square or trapezoid wave].

 Please compare VBC’s FFT rate with a high-speed DSP of expensive transceiver and/or a FFT result of other decoding software.
 I guess Morse-code signal decoding ability exceeds expensive Morse-decoder machines and personal-computer's softwares. You might be able to use this app. in real Morse communication on HAM radio, especially calling operation. 

 Let's try it! If it doesn’t work, let’s try default setting with real transceiver.

This app. contains these functions like below.
Morse sound recorder and player / text-log & audio-data mail sender / log time-stump and cancel-stump / connected Morse code distinction / tone zero-in/shift-in indicator / tone frequency measure(±5Hz) / sound level measure / Auto gain control /Audio frequency characteristic measurement & calibration /peak search / manual frequency (double tap on screen)/ auto-speed / manual speed (double tap on screen) / auto-level / auto threshold / manual threshold (double tap on screen) / noise rejection / carrier detect mode / Japanese-Morse-code /signal level slider button/ 5-40 wpm are available.

If you want to know more, watch You tube. Real-DX video e.t.c.

This app is using kishikawa katsumi's PETextView for scrolling-problems on iOS8.* and after.
SETextView Created by kishikawa katsumi on 2015/03/25.
Copyright (c) 2013-2015 kishikawa katsumi. All rights reserved.


Versión 1.40.04

Ver 1.40.04

Bugfix: On iOS 10.*, every apps need message of using-microphone. I added that message.

Ver 1.40
* You are able to send your recorded-audio-files by e-mail (large-volume mail server such as iCloud Drop Mail).
* You are able to send your text-log by e-mail.
* Carrier Detect processing is able to highly precise decoding without noise. (New carrier detection system)
* New-synchronize-system are able to improve precision.
* After telephone call, the VBC can be resumed to recording or decoding by automatically.
* Calibration mode is changed to be flat by setting default button.
* SECoreTextView was changed to v0.8.5.
Created by kishikawa katsumi on 2015/03/25.
Copyright (c) 2013-2015 kishikawa katsumi. All rights reserved.

* Carrier detection judgement is not carrier, but it is indicate blank only.
* Only first installing default setting is not correct.
(A new synchronization system wasn't functioning.)
* Decoding center processing is corrected. The signal corrugated detection on the filter boundary was made severe.

iOS 8.0/after is available from this version. (iOS 5.1-7.* doesn't available.)


Nobutomo Takagi
1.9 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Inglés, Japonés

USD 3.99


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