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3 far-out ways to use the colourful photo and video editor Hyperspektiv.


Psychedelic Glitch Filters


Hyperspektiv started as an art project. Three creatives, working under the name Phantom Force, needed a way to stretch, bend and pixelate their images. And although they were musicians and skateboarders rather than developers, they decided to make Hyperspektiv anyway.

“We don’t come from traditional tech backgrounds,” says co-founder Justin Boreta. “But thankfully our app has found an audience that, like us, wants to make something emotional, artistic and creative in an out-there sorta way.”

Here, the trio behind the app – Boreta, Dean Grenier, and Allan Lavell – share their perspective-changing tips.

Get instant feedback

All of Hyperspektiv’s default filters are cool – but the real fun is in customising them. The easiest way to do this, Boreta says, is to select one, then swipe over the image you’re editing or shooting. You’ll see distortions morph in real time.

Each filter is also customisable via sliders that really bring the effects to life. To view those granular options, select a filter, then tap its name again. You’ll see controls that let you invert colours, add film grain, amp up saturation levels and loads more.

Look into the mirror

Hyperspektiv’s kaleidoscopic effects can slice your photos and video in all sorts of fun ways. Grenier’s suggestion: After tapping twice on a filter’s name, select one of the Mirrors to see your image refracted in various ways. In the example above, we used a vertical, then added a horizontal mirror. You can even change the axis of the reflection by swiping across the image.

Play the Wildcard

The most dynamic way to customise your images is through a feature called Wildcard. Scroll all the way to the end of the list of available filters, Lavell says, and you’ll find the Wildcard button. Tap it to see a randomised combination of effects, essentially creating a filter on the fly.

Like other Hyperspektiv filters, Wildcard can be used live as you’re shooting or applied later to photos and videos you import into the app. When you stumble across a Wildcard filter you love, just tap Save to give it a name and then apply it later.

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    Psychedelic Glitch Filters