Piascore - Smart Music Score


Imagine being able to carry around all your important music scores with you wherever you go.

With Piascore, you can do just that. It works on iPhone, but using it on an iPad allows you to view scores on a large screen similar to a paper version. And, if you place two iPads on a music stand, you can view sheet music on a double-page spread.

Using your camera, you can import sheet music to your device, and then view and manage it in PDF format. Piascore also has thousands of classical music scores available for you to download and you can store countless scores in the app’s Catalog section.

Import and manage all of your scores; you can even add handwritten notes.

In tune with every musician’s needs, Piascore’s Writing tool lets you make handwritten notes to imported scores. And if your iPad is compatible with Apple Pencil, you can add notes in the same way as you would with a paper score.

Another key feature of the app is Page Turning, which eliminates the need for you to turn the pages of a score manually. When your music score is open onscreen, tap anywhere to bring up various settings, then tap Page at the bottom of your screen.

Here, you can select automatic vertical scrolling by setting the auto page turning speed: the app will then slowly scroll through your music sheet vertically. You can also set it to display the upper and lower halves of pages too.

The app’s cool Gesture function allows you to turn pages by simply winking or moving your mouth.

If your device is compatible with Face ID and has a facial recognition function, try using Gesture (the smiley face icon that appears at the top of your music sheet when you tap the screen) to turn pages by winking or moving your mouth to the left and right. This unique hands-free page turning feature means you can turn pages while playing without anyone noticing or the need for other equipment like a foot pedal.

If you play an instrument, harmony awaits with Piascore – we’ll let you get on with that next symphony now.

    Piascore - Smart Music Score