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The Arial® Mobile Application has been designed to work seamlessly with STANLEY Healthcare’s Arial® Wireless Emergency Call System to provide senior living caregivers with an innovative tool for handling emergency call alarms and communicating collaboratively with their coworkers. The Arial® Mobile Application is packed with intuitive features to ensure community caregivers have visibility to all relevant alarms, their status and who is responding.

Alarm Message Handling
• Receive Alarms – receives call station and pendant alarms from anywhere in the facility, using a mobile device, based on the caregiver's assigned zone
• Alarm Information – critical alarm information is provided with each message including date, time, alarm name/type and alarm location
• Rich Alarm Messages – alarm messages can include images or icons for resi¬dents or devices, alarm type color designations and can be arranged by alarm priority
• Respond to Alarms – acceptance of alarms provides notification to coworkers of who is responding
• Escalations – Escalating non-addressed alarms is intuitively synchronized with the escalations programmed in the Arial software

Caregiver/Resident Encounters
• Alarm Notes – selectable alarm notes can be pre-configured in Arial to allow caregivers to document what was done during their encounter
• Custom Notes – caregivers can type in custom notes detailing an encounter for any accepted alarm response
• Alarm Completion – caregivers end the encounter by pressing a “Complete” button, which saves the alarm notes and captures the actual encounter time with the resident

Caregiver Text Messaging and Collaboration
• Live Directory – a live directory displays all caregivers and indicates those that are currently logged in and working at the facility
• Text Messaging – caregivers can collaborate to coordinate resident care by initiating a text message conversation with other caregivers
- Each message includes date and time
- Messages from each caregiver are differently colored
- Messages that fail to send are colored red
- Messages and conversations are preserved for 24 hours

Enhanced Reporting
• Encounter Times – by collecting alarm clearance and alarm completion times, Arial is able to log the actual “encounter time” that a caregiver spends with a resident. This is the time segment between when the call station or pendent in alarm is reset and when the caregiver “completes” the alarm in the mobile application
- Encounter times and average encounter time information can be selected and filtered into a large variety of reports within the Arial software
- Average encounter times have been incorporated into the Arial Management Dashboard as a data element
• Alarm Response Activities – the alarm response activities that are selected by caregivers when completing alarms are logged into the Arial database and are available for generating comprehensive reports


Versión 1.2.5

This app will only support Arial 10.4 or below, please look for Arial Mobile in the App Store for the latest version to support Arial 10.5 or above.

WanderGuard Blue and WanderGuard support
Updated Arial Logo
Notification Audio

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Aeroscout, LLC (U.S.)
18.8 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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